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Multinational companies expanding into new markets are often looking for new, reliable international employment solutions for quick staff deployment and setup.   When your company is growing, the traditional approach of setting up a fully incorporated

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  • Reasons for Expatriate Failure During International Assignments

    Once an employee begins an international assignment, there are challenges that can come up during the posting that could prevent expat completion, or the business success of the assignment.  Some of the reasons for expatriate failure can be prevented by strategic planning, pre-departure training and support, as discussed in this prior article. However, a company […]

  • Quickstart Guide: Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams

    If you are considering the use of a remote team for some aspect of your business, we have put together a quickstart guide to give you a basic understanding of the best practices for managing remote teams. What is a Remote Team and Common Misconceptions A remote team is a connected group of employees or […]

  • International Assignment Failure Before Assignment Commences

    In a related article, we looked at the significant failure rates for international assignments, and the associated costs for a company of a failed assignment. Expatriate failure in this context refers to any delays, interruptions or premature ending of an assignment without meeting the planned business objectives. There are steps that can be taken before the […]

  • Mending the Gender Gap

    In our previous articles, we examined why the gender gap in mobility has occurred, why it matters, and how it is applicable in different countries. In this article, we will explore strategies on mending the gender gap. Companies looking to globalize their businesses have to consider gender diversity in their senior management or board. To […]

  • How are Countries Treating Male and Female Expatriates Differently?

    With the onset of globalisation, it is imperative for any professional wishing to climb to the top rungs of the corporate ladder to have received international work exposure. As aptly highlighted by Tushikan in her article on the importance of international assignments for millennial women, “Global experiences build a variety of skills that are critical to career growth […]

  • Trailing Spouses and their Impact on Gender Diversity in International Assignments

    The term “trailing spouse” was invented by a Wall Street Journal writer in the early eighties, during a wave of globalisation when businesses were expanding overseas. The term describes a spouse who accompanies their partner to another country on their overseas job assignment. In those days the worker was usually a male executive and the […]

  • Gender Disparity in International Assignments

    Robust demand from women to work overseas has not translated to a proportionate number of female international assignees. In this article, we will explore why gender disparity in international assignment exists. As domestic boundaries are increasingly broken down, the world requires a more diverse workforce to accommodate changing business needs. This overt gender disparity is […]

  • International Assignment Failure and Tracking Methods

    When an employee is assigned to a position abroad there is always the possibility of failure and early repatriation.  Since this can result in extra expense and business disruption, companies will want to find ways to mitigate the primary causes of expatriate failure. The Impact of International Assignment Failure Rates International assignment failure rates will […]

  • The Challenge of Measuring Return on Investment

    A company that is expanding its global mobility program may be surprised at the overall cost of sending employees abroad for either short or long term positions.  International assignments can be 2 to 3 times more expensive than a similar position in the home country, with one estimate for a 30- month assignment exceeding US$1 […]

  • 5 Changes in Immigration Policies for Workers on Assignment

    Global mobility programs are confronting a new trend in immigration policy that makes placing workers on assignment more difficult and expensive. In an effort to preserve job opportunities for their citizens, some countries have placed quotas on work permits, or inter-company limits on the number of foreign workers that can be hired. Tightening immigration laws […]

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