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Multinational companies expanding into new markets are often looking for new, reliable international employment solutions for quick staff deployment and setup.   When your company is growing, the traditional approach of setting up a fully incorporated

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  • Global Mobility – the Bad News Guys?

    Working in Global Mobility can be a thankless task. There can be fewer areas of HR where your hard work so often results in blame and derision for one small element of a move which did not go perfectly to plan, whilst the thousand elements that did are ignored; nor where your expertise is dismissed […]

  • Hiring Independent Contractors vs. Employees:  The Legal and Ethical Dilemma in the “Gig Economy”

    Self-employed, independent contractors (IC) have always had a place as a part-time resource for companies, and that appears to be expanding as innovative startups look to contractors to be a core part of their business.  Previously, IC work was for short term projects or interim roles as needed, but now that is changing as contractors […]

  • Taxes in Ireland: A Guide for Overseas Employers

    When your HR department is setting up an assignment overseas, one of the primary tasks is figuring out the tax rules in the host country.  A client of Shield GEO was sending an employee to Ireland, and wanted to know how to handle filing of tax returns, and what their employee needed to do to […]

  • Employee Expense Reimbursements in Saudi Arabia

    We have a client who operates in Saudi Arabia, and they had a query about expense reimbursement to their employees on assignment in that country. Saudi Arabia has a number of unique employment and payroll rules, so they wanted to know the best way to handle expenses and still stay in compliance. Reimburse Expenses Directly […]

  • Social Security Changes for Employees in France

    HR departments with staff on assignment in foreign countries are challenged to keep track of legislative changes that affect employment, payroll and withholding.  Without local experts to advise and guide you, it is possible to miss important changes to employment laws, and even miscalculate required contributions. A good example of this is where clients of […]

  • Looking to Hire an Employee in Singapore?

    There are many things you will need to know before you hire in Singapore but here’re our top 3: 1.     Employment in Singapore Employer and Employee Social Security in Singapore The Central Provident Fund for social security contributions is only mandatory for citizens and residents of Singapore.  Therefore, work permit holders do not need to […]

  • Navigating The Minefield of International Assignment Terminations

    Terminating employees is rarely straightforward. However, when it comes to employees on assignment, Global Mobility teams often struggle to know exactly how that extra layer of complication – the assignment – will impact a termination. This area has the potential to become a minefield  – from extra costs to litigation and damaged reputations. GM professionals […]

  • International Compensation Package for Overseas Employees: Structuring Benefits

    Benefits and allowances are a core part of any employee compensation package, and most companies have a standard policy they apply to different level employees.  This is a standard HR practice that is both equitable and simple to use for staff in the home country, but the home policy may not work for international assignments. […]

  • What I wish I had known about International Expansions and Global Mobility

    Global Mobility is, in many ways, a great career choice. You have all the benefits of a specialisation whilst being in the unique position of being able to collaborate with many other functions – generalist HR, Comp & Bens, Shared Services, Tax and Legal. However in reality, this can translate into the scenario all too […]

  • Tax Classes in Germany (steuerklassen)

    One of our clients with staff assigned in Germany wanted more information about the different tax classes in that country, and how it affected their employees.  Referred to as steuerklassen, tax classes set the income tax rate based on marital status, a working spouse or dependent children.  The different classes also affect the amount of […]


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