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Multinational companies expanding into new markets are often looking for new, reliable international employment solutions for quick staff deployment and setup.   When your company is growing, the traditional approach of setting up a fully incorporated

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  • The Evolution of the Shared Service Centre in Global Mobility – Where to from here?

    Shared service centres (SSC) have become a common feature of Global Mobility teams, providing offshored administrative support to the function at a fraction of the equivalent cost in the HQ or regional office locations. This model maximises cost savings by defining optimum delivery methods according to the complexity of the work involved – one set […]

  • A Guide for Overseas Companies Employing in the UK:  How TUPE Can Help Transfer Your Employees to Outsourced Employment

    If you are a multinational with a branch or office in the UK, you should be aware of the laws that can affect any attempt to transfer your UK entity.  Basically, your employees have rights in the UK surrounding the terms of their employment in the event of a business transfer or branch closure, where […]

  • Car Allowance and Mileage Reimbursement in France

    One of the fine points of global mobility is how certain employee expenses are viewed and regulated under local laws.  We recently had a client ask us how to handle a car allowance and mileage reimbursement for their employee assigned in France. There are two different possible situations with distinct rules: 1) driving a company […]

  • Taxes and Expense Reimbursements in Germany

    Global mobility professionals face a common issue when assigning staff abroad and that is how to handle employee expense reimbursements.  Every country has a different tax definition of what expense is reimbursable to the employee without incurring income tax.  Germany in particular has a complex and fairly strict tax code, and one of our clients […]

  • Changes in Malaysian EPF Contribution Rates: Effective January 2018

    An inevitable part of employing staff abroad is anticipating changes to host country employment, payroll and immigration laws.  One example of this is the recent change to the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) contribution rate in Malaysia, affecting our clients with staff on assignment.  Our local partner was able to inform us in advance about the […]

  • Can an Employee on Assignment in Paraguay Opt Out of Local Medical Service (LMS)?

    One of our clients is a global brewing company with operations in Paraguay, where they send expat employees on assignment to support business activity in that market.  One of those assigned employees is the Country Manager for Paraguay, whose main role is to increase sales and promote the company brand among consumers in that country.  […]

  • Winding down entities – What to consider before going ahead

    Entering a new host country and setting up a new entity in order to do business there is an exciting time for any organisation. In administrative terms however, the amount of work required and the check list of items to cover off before being able to legally and practically employ people is almost overwhelming. By […]

  • What do remote workers want from their employers? – Insights from 8 Distributed Companies

    Hiring remote workers can be a truly rewarding experience for both the employer and employee. Remote workers can help shape company culture and also provide a competitive advantage for organisations. However, the needs of remote employees are often different from that of an in-office employee. Here’s what these distributed companies have learnt from hiring remote […]

  • Kiwi Saver for Overseas Employees in New Zealand

    If you are responsible for handling global mobility in your company and are planning to send an employee on assignment to New Zealand, we have some information that you may find useful.  One of the benefits available in New Zealand to both resident and expat workers is the Kiwi Saver, a retirement program with a […]

  • Legal Gratification in Chile: What Overseas Employers Need to Know

    Recently, one of our clients asked how we came up with the monthly salaries for employees on assignment in Chile.  The answer is worth sharing since there are a few unique elements to arriving at the final salary amount. In Chile. the salary is broken up into two elements: base salary and legal gratification. Those […]


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