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Multinational companies expanding into new markets are often looking for new, reliable international employment solutions for quick staff deployment and setup.   When your company is growing, the traditional approach of setting up a fully incorporated

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ShieldGEO Global Employment Solutions can help you do business globally. We help organise:

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  • Is your Startup Ready for International Expansion? 5 Questions to Ask Before Taking Your Business Overseas

    You’ve noticed that revenue has been steadily growing, particularly due to more demand or customers from international markets. To further tap on these potentially lucrative markets, the idea for international expansion crosses your mind, judging as many have made the precarious foray and were rewarded by the benefits of diversification. Take Uber for instance, an […]

  • Employee Tax Filing in Mexico

    US citizens who are on assignment in Mexico often have questions about how to coordinate their tax filing in Mexico and US.  Fortunately, the dates for tax filing in Mexico, are similar to those in the US, and US citizens must also file a timely US tax return on all Mexican income.  The tax treaty between […]

  • What Are the New Payroll Rules in Mexico for 2017?

    In the past, our clients who sent employees on assignment to Mexico have used a payroll system that paid only social security and taxes in the country, with the net pay remaining in the home country payroll.  This was convenient for both the employer and employee, and avoided any currency exchange issues, and allowed for […]

  • A Review of Taxable Salary in Chile

    A question that was raised by one of our clients involved the taxable salary in Chile. In our experience, the taxability of salary components is often raised by many other clients in different countries. Obviously, this is an important issue, since it affects both the employee’s take home pay, as well as the expense of the assignment […]

  • Termination of Employment in Canada: Employer Obligations

    There was a termination of employment with the GEO local employer when one of our clients  legally terminated their contract with their employees in Canada, when they set up their own local entity. This triggered a number of Canadian employment and tax requirements, and we were able to provide assistance to allow our client to better understand their […]

  • What is an Employer of Record?

    The ‘Employer of Record’ (EOR), sometimes known as the local Employer of Record, is a third party contracted to take responsibility for all formal employment tasks.  An Employer of Record can be useful for companies that choose not to directly employ a worker on assignment, either in a different state or foreign country. There are […]

  • Understanding the End of Service Benefit (EOSB) in the UAE

    Although the UAE is a popular business locale for multinationals, there are many different types of employment rules that may be unexpected or unfamiliar. One of the unique requirements that we assist our clients in navigating, is the UAE End of Service Benefit (EOSB).  The EOSB is essentially a severance payment that is owed to an employee […]

  • The Ultimate Guide for Startups Employing Overseas Workers

    You may have questions about how to employ overseas workers for your business especially if you have a startup company that plans to operate overseas. We have put together a guide explaining your options, and how you can easily employ overseas workers without setting up multiple branch offices in foreign destinations. How to Employ Overseas Workers […]

  • Special Rules for Work Permits and Visa on Arrival in UAE

    Every country has different rules on how and where visas and work permits are issued, and the UAE has an unusual process that you should know about.  In our experience, most countries will stamp the work visa into the passport while you are still in your own country, and then you would already have it […]

  • 5 Countries Where it’s Harder to Start a Business

    When expanding overseas and starting a business or considering new pastures, leaders are often faced with a difficult question – which country would be most suitable to incorporate in? After all, each country has different regulations and nuances that might pose dissimilar challenges depending on type of company. Once a country to incorporate in has […]

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