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Multinational companies expanding into new markets are often looking for new, reliable international employment solutions for quick staff deployment and setup.   When your company is growing, the traditional approach of setting up a fully incorporated

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  • Legal Gratification in Chile: What Overseas Employers Need to Know

    Recently, one of our clients asked how we came up with the monthly salaries for employees on assignment in Chile.  The answer is worth sharing since there are a few unique elements to arriving at the final salary amount. In Chile. the salary is broken up into two elements: base salary and legal gratification. Those […]

  • A Guide for US Companies Employing in Australia

    US companies entering the Australian market will need to staff their operation either with US workers on assignment, or by hiring locals.  In both cases, Australian payroll, immigration and tax rules must be followed to be in compliance and avoid issues with authorities.  This includes employing through a legal Australian entity. Because the details and […]

  • A Guide to Fair Consideration Framework in Singapore for Overseas Employers

    What is the Fair Consideration Framework in Singapore? The Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) is a Singapore law detailing fair hiring practices for all companies operating in that country.  The intent of the FCF is to ensure that Singapore citizens have fair access to job opportunities, even those offered by foreign companies. One of our clients […]

  • Expense Reimbursement Process in Brazil

    Expense reimbursement is an issue every HR department faces with foreign assignments, and the challenge is that host country rules have to be followed to avoid taxation.  We had a client in Brazil with many questions about the process in that country, since the Brazilian rules are fairly specific and detailed on expense reimbursement, depending […]

  • The Guide to Annual Leave Entitlements in UK

    Every country has different statutory rules on leave entitlement, setting (1) the amount of minimum annual leave, (2) carry over of unused leave and (3) leave pay outs upon completion of employment. One of our US clients had a question about annual vacation leave for their employee assigned in the UK. They were interested in […]

  • The Guide to Annual Leave and Holiday Entitlements in Portugal for Overseas Employers

    When you assign employees abroad, one of the complexities is learning the local holiday and leave entitlements.  We had a client with employees assigned to Portugal who needed help understanding what was required for their assigned staff. We responded by breaking it down into three different categories: annual vacation leave, public holidays and bereavement leave. […]

  • Should You Hire an Independent Contractor or a Full Time Employee?

    Companies that are expanding abroad or hiring remote foreign talent have a decision to make about which type of worker they need.  If you are unsure about whether you should hire an independent contractor or a full-time employee, we have some guidance for you. One thing to keep in mind is that every country has […]

  • Global Mobility – the Bad News Guys?

    Working in Global Mobility can be a thankless task. There can be fewer areas of HR where your hard work so often results in blame and derision for one small element of a move which did not go perfectly to plan, whilst the thousand elements that did are ignored; nor where your expertise is dismissed […]

  • Hiring Independent Contractors vs. Employees:  The Legal and Ethical Dilemma in the “Gig Economy”

    Self-employed, independent contractors (IC) have always had a place as a part-time resource for companies, and that appears to be expanding as innovative startups look to contractors to be a core part of their business.  Previously, IC work was for short term projects or interim roles as needed, but now that is changing as contractors […]

  • Taxes in Ireland: A Guide for Overseas Employers

    When your HR department is setting up an assignment overseas, one of the primary tasks is figuring out the tax rules in the host country.  A client of Shield GEO was sending an employee to Ireland, and wanted to know how to handle filing of tax returns, and what their employee needed to do to […]


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