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Multinational companies expanding into new markets are often looking for new, reliable international employment solutions for quick staff deployment and setup.   When your company is growing, the traditional approach of setting up a fully incorporated

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  • Work Permits and Visas for Overseas Workers in Qatar

    With a booming economy and as an attractive location for multinationals to expand, many companies are assigning staff to work in Qatar.  If you are responsible for obtaining the necessary work permits and visas for your overseas workers, you first need to understand the basic requirements and timeline. While revisions in the labor laws in […]

  • Work Permits and E Visa for Foreign Workers in India

    India has specific requirements to issue work permits and visas to your staff assigned to work in India, and the primary type is called the Employment or E visa.  This visa is granted for one year, or for the term of the contract in India (up to 5 years).  As with many countries, the E […]

  • Germany Work Permit and Visa Application for Foreign Workers

    If you are a global mobility professional currently assigning employees to Germany, one of your tasks is submitting the work permit and visa applications.  How you do this, and what type of visa is required will depend upon your employee’s country of residence.  Staff that are citizens of European Union member countries do not need […]

  • 5 Things to Consider When Employing in US

    Drafting a proper employment contract is important to protect your interests as an employer and to provide a safe and inclusive environment for potential employees. However, it can be difficult in places where laws differ from state to state. This article will show the essential terms you should consider when you are employing in US. […]

  • Work Permits and Visas for Foreign Workers in Taiwan

    There are two basic pathways to obtain work permits and visas for your foreign workers on assignment to Taiwan.  The first is the historic approach of obtaining  (1) a work permit, (2) alien resident certificate, (3) multiple entry permit and (4) residence visa.  These are all separate applications with their own requirements.  The second option […]

  • Understanding Singapore Work Permits and Visas for Overseas Workers

    With a workforce that is made up of nearly 40% non-residents, Singapore is tightening their rules and standards for work permits and visas for overseas workers.  The result is that Singapore work permits are both harder to obtain and work permit processing times are longer than in the past, meaning that global mobility professionals have […]

  • Malaysia Work Permit and Visa Application for Foreign Workers

    For HR departments that are looking to obtain a Malaysia work permit and visa for employees on assignment, there are new rules that apply to foreign workers.  As always, work visas require a local entity for sponsorship, or use of an employer of record in Malaysia to do it for you. Malaysia Work Permit and […]

  • Recent Changes to the H1B Visa in the US

    The US has been at the front of the news when it comes to immigration reforms, from a proposed border wall with Mexico, an immigration ban on certain Muslim countries and overall tighter border controls.  Some of this is ‘security’ related, but the deeper concern is that foreign workers and immigrants are depleting the US […]

  • How to Handle Increasing Immigration Restrictions

    One of the current realities in global mobility is that many countries are increasing immigration restrictions for non-resident workers.  Usually this is in response to protecting jobs for local residents, who are being passed over for cheaper foreign labor. “According to Envoy Global Inc.’s survey, “Immigration Trends Report 2017,” 21 percent of respondents are relocating work overseas, […]

  • New Regulations for Hiring Temporary Workers in Germany Through a Third Party

    On April 1, 2017, the German Act on Temporary Agency Work went into effect, creating changes for temporary workers hired by agencies for their business clients.  In short, the new law limits the length of time that a business in Germany can use a temp worker, and grants the worker employee status if the limits […]


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