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Multinational companies expanding into new markets are often looking for new, reliable international employment solutions for quick staff deployment and setup.   When your company is growing, the traditional approach of setting up a fully incorporated

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ShieldGEO Global Employment Solutions can help you do business globally. We help organise:

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  • What I wish I had known about International Expansions and Global Mobility

    Global Mobility is, in many ways, a great career choice. You have all the benefits of a specialisation whilst being in the unique position of being able to collaborate with many other functions – generalist HR, Comp & Bens, Shared Services, Tax and Legal. However in reality, this can translate into the scenario all too […]

  • Tax Classes in Germany (steuerklassen)

    One of our clients with staff assigned in Germany wanted more information about the different tax classes in that country, and how it affected their employees.  Referred to as steuerklassen, tax classes set the income tax rate based on marital status, a working spouse or dependent children.  The different classes also affect the amount of […]

  • 14th Month Pay in Italy

    There are some unusual payroll rules in other countries that may be unfamiliar to global mobility professionals, and there can be statutory bonuses or salary payments that must be included in the annual compensation package.  One of our clients assigning employees to Italy was asking why there were additional months of salary included in the […]

  • A Guide to Annual Leave Entitlements in Italy for Overseas Employers

    We had an enquiry from a client who was hiring an employee in Italy and needed to know the Italian law on annual leave entitlements, or in other words, the number of required days of vacation each year.  Italy, like many European countries, may have more vacation days than in the home country, so it […]

  • Looking to Hire an Employee in Hong Kong?

    There are many things you will need to know before you hire in Hong Kong but here’re our top 3: 1. Employment in Hong Kong Employer and Employee Social Security in Hong Kong Both the employer and employee make monthly contributions to the Mandatory Provident Fund of 5% each, based on a maximum of HKD […]

  • Here’s What I Learnt Managing a Fully Distributed Team in 4 Different Countries

    I manage a fully distributed team from Sydney. My team members are, quite literally, on the other side of the world. Here’s what I learnt after 2 years of managing a team in 4 different countries.  Employee orientation is very important for remote workers When onboarding a new remote employee, it’s important to outline expectations […]

  • Permanent Establishment Changes – Italy, Japan and EU

    As the international business marketplace evolves in the modern age, countries are amending their tax laws to broaden the scope of permanent establishment (PE).  PE is what allows a country to tax foreign companies who earn revenue locally, or have a sufficient business presence within a country’s borders.  Naturally, governments are focused on increasing tax […]

  • Building a Career in Global Mobility – Insights from Industry Veterans

    All too often when you speak to seasoned global mobility professionals about their background and how they found themselves working in global mobility you’ll hear the phrase “I just fell into it”.  It’s a niche field, and perhaps not obvious as a career path until one is well established in the workplace. Be that as […]

  • Looking to Hire an Employee in France?

    There are many things you will need to know before you hire in France but here’re our top 3: 1. Employment in France Employer and Employee Social Security in France Social security in France covers retirement benefits, family allowance and medical, dental and optical insurance, which must be provided for all employees.  There is one […]

  • How is Permanent Establishment Triggered?

    Permanent establishment (PE) should be on the radar of any company planning expansion or significant business activity in a foreign country. Simply, PE is what gives a country the right to tax any corporate revenues created within their borders, based on a sufficient and continual business presence. While that may seem reasonable, the challenge for […]


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