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Employment in Cyprus

Cypriot employment law is relatively straightforward and flexible. There are minimal statutory requirements with regards to contracts, termination procedures as well as employee pensions and holidays. On the whole, the Cypriot labour market is much more flexible than most of its European counterparts. As the following only aim to act as a guide in the broadest sense, it is still recommended that professional legal advice be sought when employing in Cyprus. For further reading, please refer to the Cypriot Ministry of Labour’s website here.

Key points on employment in Cyprus

While not as highly unionised as European neighbours such as Spain and Italy, it is still common for workers in certain industries to be represented by trade unions and have collective agreements that regulate their working status. The main industries that are organised in trade unions are the building industry, the transportations industry, dockworkers, maritime workers and farmers. The remainder of employment relationships are dictated through employment contracts between the employer and employee.



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