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A Day in the Life of a Remote Worker Who Enjoys Working at Night: Meet Claudia from Shield GEO

At Shield, we’re really proud of the diverse, talented team that makes us who we are, and we want to give you the chance to get to know them too! 

Through our A Day in the Life series, we profile team members across our various teams to share some of the important things that make them who they are. 

This month, we’re profiling Claudia Vieira, our Financial Reporting Manager who is based in Portugal. Claudia has over 15 years experience working in accounts and has been with Shield for just over a year. 

Meet Claudia

When Claudia joined Shield, she’d been working from home for quite some time already, running accounts for various clients.

“I was working mostly as a freelancer,” she says.

This began after the directors at a previous company she worked for asked Claudia to join them at their new startup. 

Claudia and her pup named Zelda

“I helped them set up [the new venture], and I had other clients as well. Some friends that wanted to begin a business and I helped my Mom with a business as well,” she says. 

“I really liked that. Starting something from scratch is really cool.”

The freelance lifestyle suited Claudia as she could work when she wanted and still make time for her hobbies and spending time with family.

“I was not really keen on working as an employee again, if I’m honest, so it came a bit of a surprise [to join Shield],” she says. 

But when a friend passed along the position details, knowing that Claudia liked non-conventional work styles, she took the plunge and applied. 

Admittedly, the first few weeks were a tough transition while Claudia was training in her new role.

“There wasn’t as much flexibility in the beginning,” she says. “I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it.” 

But once she was able to take complete control of her schedule, Claudia quickly settled in. 

“I wouldn’t see myself going back to an office ever again,” she says. 

A Day in the Life of Claudia  

6:30 AM

I wake up just before my early schedule on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I have coffee at my desk while going through emails, plan for the day and work (Skype & Slack messages, meetings, emails, cases)

11 AM

I take a break and re-start my day by preparing a nice breakfast, shower and take the dog out for a coffee and long walk or bike ride around the area. 


Do the housekeeping and have lunch, sometimes out with my family or friends.

2.00 PM

Continue with work. I tend to be more productive late in the day, so I’d work on more complicated cases, reports, and tasks that require more brainpower

4:00 PM

Afternoon break and usually the best light to go out for some photos or meet up with friends and neighbors by the beach. If the weather is not so good, I just run errands and continue with work.

8:00 PM

Grab a light meal, tea, and resume work. Unless I’m on a late schedule the day after, I’d then work on projects that require more time and concentration

10:00 PM

Bedtime when I’m working early the day after

Working an unconventional schedule 

With much of her team living and working in APAC time zones, Claudia tends to log on outside of traditional work hours, starting very early half the week and finishing quite late on the other half. 

“I like it! I wanted that in the beginning, but Tim was worried,” she says. “He was worried it wasn’t healthy, but I’m happier like this!” 

She’s organized her schedule so she can sleep in after late nights and take long breaks in the days. 

“I feel more productive in the evening,” she admits. 

“I think there are less disruptions. I feel like during the day, I cannot do anything. You’re doing something, and then you’re reading emails, and then someone comes to the door. So by the time you’re quiet, it’s late anyway.”

Integrating work into life

By having long breaks in the day, Claudia can prioritize going on long walks with her dog and discovering the beach near her home. 

“I found Ze on the beach. He was abandoned there outside a restaurant called Zelda Banana. So, that’s his name!” 

Claudia lives in a small seaside town, 30 minutes outside of Porto which is ideal for her current lifestyle. 

Enjoying sunset with friends

“There’s nothing here, but everybody knows everyone,” she says. “You can not buy anything at lunchtime. Everyone goes on their break. Sometimes I walk with my dog to buy something, and when I get there, it is closed. Perhaps the person just went out for a coffee. Everything takes a long time because it’s all relaxed. There’s no stress.”

The slower pace is a significant shift from her time in Porto, where she lived in the inner city. 

“I was born in Porto, and I was in the city centre. So we were busy during the week, but weekends were usually quiet,” she says. “But because of tourism, suddenly everyone wanted to come to Portugal, and it was busy all the time.”

The move meant she could embrace some new hobbies like photography. 

“I’m really into it, I just bought a camera about two years ago, and I’m going mad about it. It’s really nice,” she says.

Claudia with her family

She gains a lot of inspiration from her surroundings. 

“When I’m not working, I’m outside,” she says. “I really love the place because it’s very close to the beach, but you also have a big forest.” 

The town is still close enough to her family and friends to see them regularly.

“My parents live way too close!” Claudia says. “No, I’m joking! It’s about a 40-minute drive, but they have my house keys, so sometimes I get home, and they are here cooking and barbecuing.”

They usually visit a lot in summer to take advantage of the seaside. They’ll also often meet up in Porto for lunch as Claudia still heads into town for appointments. 

“I really need a schedule like this,” she says. “Otherwise, you always need to ask for a day off just to go to the dentist.”

The flexibility has meant that Claudia’s work fits into her life instead of the other way around. 

— Bree Caggiati


Want to know more about Claudia? Visit her profile on Our Team page!

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