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A Day in the Life of a Workaholic Finding Work-Life Balance: Meet Min

Without the diverse, hardworking, intelligent, and kind people who make up our team, Shield wouldn’t be able to offer the level of service we do. At Shield, we love our team and know that our unique perspectives and backgrounds make us stronger while our common values connect us. That’s why each month, we love sharing our team’s stories through our A Day in the Life series, where we hope you can get to know our team a little better.

This month, we’re profiling one of our Account Managers, Min Gochuico, who lives and works out of the Phillippines. 

Meet Min 

Min joined Shield in August last year after Laui, her colleague from a previous position, recommended her for an opening. 

“I was actually already looking for work,” Min says. “Reaching out to other networks, finding possible opportunities — and then Shield came to me!” 

Min had started working from home earlier that year as her previous role had turned remote during pandemic lockdowns in the Philipines. 

“It had become a ‘permanent for now’ work from home set up,” she says. 

Despite this experience, Min had never onboarded remotely before. 

“My first day, I was just thinking, ‘how does the training work here?’ you can’t just sit next to your colleague and learn,” she says. 

“I was afraid it would be harder to do training, but I think the way Kat provided the information, the training, was really great.”

Celebrating her cousin’s birthday at a nice steak house in Manila

Through Zoom, managers can share screens, guide onboards through processes and answer any questions. 

“I think the notes in Notion [process guides] are also straightforward, and it’s easy to follow. That’s also an advantage that made my training easier,” Min recalls. 

“And at the same time, I made my own notes as well. I think it’s easier to understand if I put in my own notes, my own wordings, alongside the notes in Notion for referencing.”

Starting a remote role while in lockdown

While Min admits she is a bit of a ‘homebody’ in normal circumstances, working from home full time while at the same time limiting her social interactions outside of the house has been difficult. 

“I haven’t been out yet really that much except for groceries, buying medicine, the essentials,” she says. 

Min with Chris Ross, a San Miguel Beermen basketball player

As she lives with her elderly father, Min has been taking extra precautions to maintain both of their safety. 

As an avid basketball fan, she says what she misses most is watching live games with her cousin Leslie and their friends. 

“After [the games], we would have dinner or take photos with the players, interact with them.”

And while games have resumed, fans aren’t yet able to watch live. 

“Over quarantine, we’ve joined this official fan club online on a Facebook page,” Min says. 

It gives her an online space to connect with those she would usually meet in real life. 

But isolating at home hasn’t been all bad. Over this time, Min has had more time to pursue her other hobbies.

“I do a lot of cooking and baking. I was actually thinking in the past, ‘should I change careers and be a chef?'” Min says.

It’s also a point of connection between her and her friends. 

“I share pictures and recipes with Jacky and Karla. It’s really fun.”

A Day in the Life of Min

7:00 am

Wake up, freshen up – brush teeth, wash face and drink medicines, vitamins, and maintenance medicine for my hypothyroidism.

7:30 am

Logging in for work – opening SF and other apps, sorting emails, doing cases, etc.

8:00 am

Prepare my coffee.

8:10 am

Get back to work.

30 minutes

Check email, SF notifications, skype, etc. and look for anything urgent so that I can plan my day ahead.

12:00 noon

Quick lunch with my dad and a bit of watching the tv.

12:30 pm

Start working again.

4:00 to 4:30 pm

Finish work for the day.

4:30 to 5:30 pm

Have an afternoon snack, watch tv and prepare dinner by 5:30 pm.

7:30 pm

Dinner time.

8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Watch tv, browse social media, sometimes read.

10:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Get ready for bed.

Learning to prioritize work-life balance 

Coming from a corporate industry that prioritized productivity, Min initially found it difficult to find a sustainable balance of work. 

“I used to work really late,” she says. 

“I would usually arrive in the office around seven in the morning, and then leave the office sometimes 8 pm or 9 pm and then, because we have a traffic situation here in the Philippines, I would usually arrive home at 10 or 11 pm.”

She still enjoys starting early, but Min has learned to finish early and enjoy her evenings. 

“There are times when, for example, we have a late-night meeting, and our manager might say for us in the Philippines to log in a bit later. But, because I’m a morning person, I still log in at 7:30,” she says. “Then I’ll log off at 4:30 pm or earlier depending on how many breaks I take in the day.”

Painting and drinking wine with friends at Sip and Gough

Min cites Shield’s values as well as her manager’s input as a big factor in establishing healthier boundaries. 

“There are still times when I stay late, probably until just six o’clock, and I’ll get a message from Kat telling me to log off,” she says. “What’s nice about Shield is that they value work-life balance, and they’re serious about it.”

Having her kitchen nearby helps too. 

“If I just step outside, I can go to the kitchen and prepare dinner. That’s the advantage of working from home,” she says. “When I used to work in the office, we would just have to buy food.”

As restrictions ease and it becomes safer to move around, Min is looking forward to experiencing more of the advantages of flexible work, such as working while traveling. Although not by plane!

“I like to travel, but I’m actually afraid of flying!” she admits. 

— Bree Caggiati


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