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Who We Are

who we are

Who We Are

We make international employment simple. We are a Global Employment Organization with years of expertise to help you manage and employ your international employees. The crux of our services is the ability to assist clients in new markets where they do not have an incorporated entity. Corporate staff can be hired quickly and at a reasonable cost, while we handle all aspect of local employment and payroll requirements.

We know that international employment can be overwhelming. Every month we’re managing hundreds of employees in over 50 countries.

Shield GEO acts as the employer of record and can manage the complex administrative and legal processes that are unavoidable in a new country. We manage the core administrative services necessary to operate an office and employ staff, while the client corporation handles the day-to-day employee and business tasks.

Our Services

our services

We offer services that are Cost Effective, Compliant and Customer Focused. Our team works personally with each client to understand their individual situations and identify solutions that address their specific problems.

Some of our services include:

  • Assistance with meeting host country’s requirements for the employment contract
  • Employing local and foreign employees
  • Immigration services such as obtaining visas and work permits
  • Full compliance with local payroll, immigration and employment laws
  • Monthly payroll and employment administration
our services

How We Work

There are three simple stages involved in hiring your employee in your preferred destination. You will be guided by our staff from the moment you send an enquiry and throughout your journey with us.

1. Initial Consultation
  1. Send a form through our website
  2. A customer success team will consult with you to understand what you need and leverage their global mobility background to explore how they can help you. (Obligation free first consult)
  3. We will send you a quote with everything you need to make a decision (costs, time frames, next steps, host country requirements)
2. Getting on board
  1.  If you decide to use our services you will be handed over to an implementation manager
  2. They will do all the heavy lifting to ensure that your employees are set up for the first payroll
  3. Once onboarding is complete, you will be handed over to your dedicated account manager
  4. The account manager will be your single point of contact throughout your journey with us
3. Ongoing Support
  1. Your account manager will handle the monthly administration and be available for any questions or issues that come up
  2. The account manager is supported by our subject matter experts and in country specialists
  3. Should your plans evolve, your account manager will assist you in handling the transition

Why Shield GEO


Local expertise and unlimited access to local experts in payroll, tax, employment and immigration


Fixed cost for expanding into a new market; no surprises


Increased speed of hiring


A dedicated account manager for all of your international requirements