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Stella Huang

Global Mobility Consultant at Shield GEO

Stella is a Global Mobility Consultant at Shield Geo. She graduated from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) with a Bachelor of International Studies (International Business) and Bachelor of Commerce – Honours (Management).

Stella began working for Shield in a research capacity, writing articles of varied topics, from how to make your remote worker feel more included, to why Global Mobility teams should be integrated strategically in organisations. She has now transitioned into the Global Mobility Consultant role.

Stella believes that clear communication can prevent frustration and inefficient work. As a result, she strives to maintain open, honest and respectful communication with her clients, so that she is able to fully meet their expectations, and assist them with any query they may have. As a previous tutor at UNSW and the University of Sydney, Stella was able to gain knowledge and deliver content on cross-cultural management, which she has found to be of immeasurable value when communicating and helping clients from different cultures. 

When she is able to, Stella loves to travel. She enjoys exploring new places, getting to know people from different cultures and learning about those new cultures. This has influenced her interest in learning languages. If possible, she enjoys staying in a new place for extended periods of time as it means that she can fully immerse herself in the local culture.

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Jason Exley

Global Expansion and International GEO Services Manager 

Jason is the Global Expansion and International GEO Services Manager at Shield Geo. He graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Business Management (Human Resources). He has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources and Global Mobility. He has previously worked in corporate roles within HR and Global Mobility as well as a Third Party Relocation Management Company.  

Jason landed in Global Mobility after taking a rotational assignment within human resources at a large global engineering and construction company. He quickly realized the global side of HR was his calling and has never looked back. After traveling to over 30 countries for business while working in global mobility and an expatriate assignment later he is still passionate about helping others globalize, learn new cultures and remain compliant.

Jason prides himself on timely and efficient communication will all clients and is always willing to jump on a call to discuss a client need, clarify a situation, or answer as many questions as required.

Jason is a huge sports fan and when he is not chasing his two children around, he can be found at a live sporting event or hanging out with friends to catch a game on television.

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Brenda Limon

Account Manager 

Brenda is an Account Manager at Shield Geo. She graduated from Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Mexico with a degree in International Business and holds an MBA with specialisation in Human Resources from the same institution. She has worked for companies in different industries but always in the Human Resources arena with an inherent international component. 

Having lived in Asia for over 8 years, Brenda is now an expat in the US. As global mobility is a continuous occurrence in her own personal life, her experiences allow her the opportunity to relate to and understand her clients on a more intimate level. 
Brenda abides by this Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would like them to treat you”. She believes clients respond better to and value honesty, clear and transparent information and a positive approach to things. 

Outside work, Brenda is a passionate runner who thinks exercise brings a natural balance to life. She has 4 kids (3 human and 1 dog) that teach her about unconditional love every day.

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Anna Bondar

Account Manager 

Anna is an account manager at Shield Geo. She graduated from St. Petersburg State University with a Bachelor of Law. She has over 5 years of experience in law and global mobility.  She has previously worked in corporate roles within the relocation and global mobility industries.

Anna first experienced what it’s like to be an expatriate when she moved to the Czech Republic to continue her Master’s education. Having to manage her move and immigration by herself, she understood how complex the relocation process can be and understood that there were many unexpected and hidden difficulties an expatriate can face. 

Anna started her career in global mobility in 2014. A global mobility consultant role in one of the biggest internationals companies gave her the opportunity to apply her knowledge of law and international relations. She has experience in all aspects of the international assignment process from planning and budgeting a new move to accomodation search in the host country and career consulting of assignee’s spouse. 

Anna offers every client customised service and advice tailored to their individual needs and situations. Recognising that relocation can be a stressful process, she provides assignees and their families with full support and guidance.

Outside work, Anna is passionate about learning new languages and discovering different cultures. She believes knowledge of cultural differences is important for communication and helps her in her role as an account manager in global mobility. She also enjoys traditional and local food and likes to travel. 

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Kelly Dowsett

Account Manager 

Kelly is an Account Manager at Shield GEO. She has over 10 years of experience in Global Mobility She has previously worked in corporate roles within HR and Global Mobility, working on mining and Pharmaceutical clients. 

Kelly was previously working in the global mobility department at one of the Big 4 firms. This was where she first experienced a role in mobility. She soon realised there were many paths within mobility and she enjoyed meeting and working with assignees. She liked being involved and helping international assignees and their families with their exciting journey to a new location.

Kelly prioritises her clients’ needs. She puts herself in the shoes of her clients and employees to understand their situations and treats them with care and understanding. Kelly is dedicated to supporting and guiding her clients through every step of the process of relocating to a new country.

Kelly has a 5 year old son who takes up most of her time outside of work. As a family they enjoy spending time together at the beach, the park or supporting their local football team. 

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Carlo Bagsik

Assistant Finance Manager at Shield GEO 

Carlo is the Assistant Finance Manager at Shield Geo. He graduated from University of Santo Tomas in Manila with a degree of Bachelor of Science, Major in Accountancy.  He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and is a member of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA). Carlo has over 10 years of experience with PwC as part of the firm’s external audit group and about 2 years of experience with a listed Philippine conglomerate under the group’s internal audit department.

After almost 12 years of experience in a corporate set-up, Carlo decided to join his wife in forming a small accounting firm that provides bookkeeping and accounting services mostly to Australian small to medium businesses. In 2016, he joined Shield Geo’s Finance Team. He believes that more businesses will find it necessary to increase workforce mobility around the world as they try to expand their global presence by leveraging on technological advancements in the workplace.

Carlo assists in carrying out the day to day accounting and financial operations of the business. He ensures that accounting and financial processes are carried-out in the most effective and efficient manner and maintains clear communication with the Finance Team, Account Managers, the Local Partners and Management in resolving financial-related issues.

Outside work, Carlo enjoys spending quality time with family through travels or just by simply dining out or watching movies with them.  He also likes watching and playing basketball, tennis, table tennis and chess.

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