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Our Happy Clients

As the CFO of a nimble and rapidly growing US based tech company, I have a lot on my plate. So when I found out that I needed to expand our footprint to Australia, I was stressed.  Wading through volumes of regulatory guidance and contemplating the cost setting up and maintaining a new legal presence was daunting.  Finding Shield GEO was huge windfall, not only were they able to meet my requirements on a very short timeline, their value and service is unprecedented among their competitors.  I would highly recommend Shield GEO to anyone with global expansion needs.

Taylor Wielage – Liquidity Book

Your service was very simple for us. Did exactly what we needed and it was just about flawless.

Dave Wright – Hunter-Davisson

It was a seamless way to onboard and employ a new employee in a foreign country. My account manager has been responsive, thorough, organized and meticulous.

Julia Gilroy – Bodylabs

Shield GEO is responsive, flexible and reliable. Best of all I have freed up my time for other tasks!

Paul Dennehy – FundTech

We’re happy with your service. Our employees are paid on time and smoothly. Communication is also fast.

Tatiana Latsyniak – Clickdealer

We’re all happy with your service. The employee has always been paid on time and the team is very responsive.

David Hart – DHVS Solutions

We’re very happy with your service. The information you provide us is priceless and without your help, we would have no idea where to look or turn!

Maria Gren – Breas

We’re absolutely happy with your service and the coordination between the different teams. It looks like you all work in the same office! We have very positive feedback for Shield GEO.

Aylwyn Gan – Glanbia PLC

I’m very happy with your service. There are no delays in payroll. The team always responds in time and are available to answer any questions and address any requests.

Kate Kastenbaum – Certain Inc.

I’m very happy with your service and the process. We would have been totally lost without the help and assistance from Shield GEO.

Lorraine Logan – Gardner Denver