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Bloomberg BNA Whitepaper : International Assignment Contracts and Payroll: A Guide for U.S. Employers

This white paper produced for Bloomberg’s Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) is an extensive guide addressing the concerns of American companies hiring overseas workers. Learn what options exist for structuring international payroll and employment contracts and how to evaluate the best approach for a specific assignment. With an increased focus on US employment laws, the guide illustrates the additional factors that US employers have to consider when running a payroll overseas. The white paper covers these five payroll methods in great detail and will prove to be an excellent resource for US employers hiring overseas employees:

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Method 1: Maintain Payroll in Home Country

Method 2: Shadow Payroll or Payroll Split Between Home and Host Countries

Method 3: Payroll in Host Country Only

Method 4: Active Local Employment, Inactive Home Employment

Method 5: Active Employment in Home and Host Country (Dual Employment)

Download the full article here: Bloomberg White Paper: International Assignment Contracts and Payroll

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