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Employment in Morocco

Shield GEO is not operating in Morocco at this time. However, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you with your employment needs or connect you with a trusted partner. 


Key points on employment in Morocco

The employment relationship is mainly governed by the main employment legislation, the Labour Code and industry-wide collective bargaining agreements (CBAs).

The Labour Code governs specific labour and employment issues, including in particular:

– Conditions of employment and work, employment contracts, termination of employment and dismissal;

– Terms of employment and wages, including minimum wage, minimum age for employment, maternity protection, hours of work and overtime, paid annual and holiday leave, policies for special categories of workers, and occupational safety and health protection;

– Trade union affairs, election and functions of labor representatives;

– Collective bargaining and the settlement of collective labor disputes, including conciliation and arbitration;

– Labour inspections, including the roles and responsibilities of labour inspectors.

Employee Entitlements

Information Explanation
Medical Leave ?

Employees are required to inform employers within 48 hours of any medical-related absences. A medical certificate is required for leave exceeding 4 days. In case an employee is absent for medical reasons (other than for a work-related illness or injury) for more than 180 consecutive days in a 365 day period, his employer can assume he has resigned.

Outsourcing Employment Through a GEO Employer of Record Service

Compliance with local employment requirements is just one of the issues foreign companies face when employing staff in Morocco. For companies which intend to employ their staff directly through their incorporated Moroccan entity, professional legal advice is recommended. Shield GEO provides an alternative path for companies to outsource the employment of their staff in Morocco.

As a Global Employer Organization (GEO), Shield GEO acts as the Employer of Record and ensures the employment is compliant with host country regulations regarding employment. In addition Shield GEO will handle payroll processing, tax and immigration. Using Shield GEO is the fastest and most cost effective way to deploy local and foreign workers into Morocco.

The Shield GEO solution is an attractive alternative where

– the company is looking to employ staff quickly

– the company doesn’t have an appropriately incorporated entity in Morocco

– the company wants to work within a defined budget

– the company wants to limit its initial commitment in Morocco

– the company needs help with tax, employment, immigration and payroll compliance in Morocco



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