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Here’s how the Shield GEO team is filling their days in isolation

As we’re bunkering down at homes across the world, it’s safe to say our daily routines have understandably changed. For those of us lucky enough to still be working during this time, instead of heading into the office or a co-working space, our homes have become our full-time workspace. We’re no longer heading to the gym or picking up the kids from school. We can’t even switch up our surroundings by working at a local coffee shop, or co-working space and daily errands are reduced to walks around the neighborhood or trips to the grocery store. 

Without the natural breaks in our day and much more time spent at home, I asked the Shield team how they are filling their days. 

Helping the kids with their work. Listening to the kids complain. Getting the kids to do exercise. Feeding the kids. Resolving disputes with the kids. Washing up after the kids. Getting the kids to move their stuff off my desk. And checking the news. 

Tim Burgess, Co-founder
From Australia, based in Australia


Homeschooling is running in parallel with my work… science reports from 10 to 11 am, PE from 11 to 12m, reading from 12 pm to 12: 30, lunch at 12:30. EVERYONE picks up the kitchen…. sadly cleaning has increased significantly since we started the quarantine….Math lesson is 1:30 to 2:30… 2:30 to 3:30 the boys do “golf” lesson, we’ve been hitting some golf balls in our garage come driving range. I’m definitely dancing at home much more and singing at the first opportunity (I’ve been asked to sing in my head jajajajaja). This is quite personal and cultural, but I’m now making a conscious effort to pray for those who need it the most at the end of my day, I simply can’t get my head around those that are alone in these difficult times. And now more than ever, I call my mum EVERY single day… =) 

Brenda Limon, Client Services Manager 
From Mexico, based in the United States


With no early pick up for school by the school bus, I am able to wake up later. I immediately start work with a cup of coffee while daughter logs into online school. We have been taking more walks lately in our village as we are lucky enough to be allowed outside. I tinker a bit in the kitchen, and I’ve cleaned half the house!!!

Kim Luy, Global Mobility Termination Consultant
From the Philippines, based in the Philippines


I wake up, do my daily yoga and stretches practice, and then I meditate for 15-20 minutes. I have fruit or something light for the first breakfast of the day, and then I start working and I try to stand up every 1 or 2 hours to stretch and move a little, maybe take mindful breaks throughout the day to breathe consciously and unwind a bit from emails. I also try to listen to good music and podcast to feel inspired for the day! I also try to stay very close to my art production, so I don’t lose my inspiration!!! I am trying to go out for walks or go to a pool near my house to refresh and have time to reflect and unwind! 

Juan Pablo Alcibar, Global Mobility Associate
From Mexico, based in Mexico



Martha’s cauliflower rice

I am starting work at 10 am now, as soon as I wake up I make myself warm water with ginger while I catch up on the news (starting to rethink this), social media, etc. then I do yoga, shower, then I start work, have a break for lunch (I’ve been cooking every day). I have found myself going to the supermarket more regularly as I prepare for full lockdown. In Mexico, we are only in phase 2, so we can still go out, and most places are still open, but I have been trying to avoid going out. In the evenings, I’ve been reading, and I’m rewatching Dawson’s creek, takes me back to my teenage years 🙂 

Martha Torices, Global Mobility Account Manager
From Mexico, based in Mexico


I’ve been spending a lot more time working out (running/yoga since I don’t have a gym now) and also working on starting up a Nonprofit with some friends. Since we’ve got the extra time, it’s made it a lot easier to do some of the initial planning for the development/design/strategy etc. 🙂 I am also rewatching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is the best thing ever.

Jake Sedlacek, Project Analyst
From the United States, based in the United States


Looking out my window sometimes, playing with my doggos. Being grumpy about everything really passes them time too. Also curing my own pancetta because times are tough and when times are tough you gotta make bacon.

Jacky Lee, Salesforce Developer
From Australia, based in Australia


Errands take up so much time now because of the long waiting lines at the supermarket and the few open stores. My new normal will be that I start working a bit later than usual because the early morning is the golden hour to go outside. I’ve drafted a tentative work/life agenda for next week that includes going out first thing in the morning, meditation, and work in a nice place that now has a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Cleaning is left for the weekend and cooking is done on a daily basis because it brings joy and a sense of good quality of living. Surprisingly, I’m not binge watching Netflix or movies or even the news. I waste time chatting with friends and family. 

Julieta Moreno, Global Mobility Subject Matter Expert
From Argentina, Based in Argentina


Morning coffee and the news to start the day, then lunchtime is a 20 minute HIIT exercise & then 30-day ab challenge, in the afternoon we walk the dog to get out of the house. Most of the time we are planning what to eat 🙂

Givanny Madsen, Head of Customer Success
From South Africa, based in the United Kingdom


Thankfully we’re still allowed to exercise outdoors as long as it is near our homes, so I can still bike in nearby bushes and beaches while walking my dog. I’ve been undertaking deep cleaning and gardening more now. Nonetheless, as we’re not allowed outside the council borders where I live, I really miss my family and friends around a lot – can’t wait to see them!

Claudia Vieira, Financial Reporting Manager
From Portugal, based in Portugal


I’ve been keeping my daily routine: yoga and meditation every morning, and meditate again at night. I’ve been doing a lot of reading (read three books in a week). Instead of doing meal prep for the entire week, I now cook every day and lots of facetime with friends and family.

Karla Olivero, Global Mobility Associate
From Venezuela, based in Spain



Katrina’s adorable daughter playing outside

Most of my day, other than work, is entertaining Olivia. We have been painting, building pillow castles, obstacle runs in the garden, planting and gardening. Not sure what we are going to do next week. 

Katrina Philbin, Global Mobility Team Lead
From the United Kingdom, based in the United Kingdom


Coffee and food! I’ve been cooking so many things!!

Rosalyn Kamp, Customer Success Associate
From the United States, based in Spain


Jose and I take an exercise break around 1 pm (we follow along with a different workout video on Youtube each day) and then have lunch. I take a nice long shower before getting back to work.

Asia Hundley, Customer Success Manager
From the United States, based in Spain


Playing a LOT of football in the garden with Fred, working with Fred on school work is also breaking my day up and giving me a new routine which has been tough adjusting to this week. We have a virtual family meet up this week through Zoom so looking forward to that. 

Kelly Dowsett, Global Mobility Account Manager
From the United Kingdom, based in the United Kingdom


Taking walks in our street, doing some indoor exercises and cooking food that I don’t usually make or have never made before.

 Eliza Rose Juane, Accountant 
From the Philippines, based in the Philippines


I’ve started my mornings by journaling and meditating. I’m also taking walks to get fresh air and cooking much more! 

Angela Moon, Content Marketing Manager
From the United States, based in Australia


Walking the dog, cooking lots, chipping away at spring cleaning, stretching breaks

Anna Duncanson, Salesforce Development Manager
From Australia, based in Canada


There’s an app called Houseparty to talk to your friends which helps break up the days for me. Unfortunately, also online shopping to the extreme!

Saeromi Kim, Research Intern 
From Australia, based in Australia 


– Bree Caggiati, April 2020

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