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Maternity and Paternity Leave Entitlements in the Philippines

For employees with newborn children, maternity and paternity leave is an important benefit.  Overseas employers need to keep up to date with leave entitlements in their employees host country, as they may be more or less than they are used to.  This holds true in Philippines and if you employ workers there, this is an overview of the leave amounts to be offered.

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2019 Changes to Philippines Maternity Leave Act

There was a new law passed in the Philippines, the Expanded Maternity Leave Act, that increased both the maternity and paternity leave entitlements.  Those entitlements are now among the most generous in Southeast Asia.

Maternity Leave in the Philippines

Mothers in the Philippines are now entitled to 105 days of maternity leave under the new law.  The leave is fully paid, and an additional 30 days is available without pay if the employer is given 45 days’ notice prior to the end of the leave period.

Client Case: Paternity Leave in the Philippines

We had a client with an employee in Philippines who wanted to know if they were entitled to paternity leave as a new father.

We let them know that married, male employees can benefit 7 days of paternity leave with the first 4 days being paid (can be used for up to 4 children).  Further, the new law allows for the mother to transfer 7 days of her 105 days of maternity leave to the father, even if they are not married, for a total of 14 days of paid leave.

Do you need more information about the Philippines?

If you are new to employing in the Philippines, you might have questions such as:

Is it legal to terminate an employee on maternity or paternity leave?

Does this law only apply to Filipinos or also expat employees?

Can the leave be applied to a time period prior to birth?

These questions are similar to those our clients ask us every day, and we guide them in ensuring compliance with all employment, payroll and tax laws.  We make international employment simple.

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