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Abhijit Sakhale

Abhijit Sakhale
Operations Manager
From India
Based in India

Abhijit is the Operations Manager at Shield GEO. He graduated from the University of Mumbai with a Bachelor of Commence and has over 13 years of experience in operations management and support. He has previously worked in corporate roles within customer service and IT.

Abhijit relishes the opportunity to work in an international space and provide solutions to clients and the team. He holds experience in managing projects and supporting deliveries to improve operations and processes. 

Abhijit is very passionate about delivering excellent customer service. He believes in listening very carefully to gain a clear understanding of his client’s requirements and going the extra mile to ensure his customers’ needs are met. 

In his free time, Abhijit enjoys supporting his family’s business. His dad owns a metal manufacturing company for electrical equipment and he occasionally visits the unit to help out the operations.


  • Abhijit Sakhale