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Asia Hundley

Asia Hundley
Customer Success Manager
From United States
Based in Spain

Asia is a Customer Success Manager at Shield Geo. She graduated from Bucknell University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Spanish and holds a Master in International Business Administration from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Having faced both the joys and challenges of being an international expatriate herself, living, studying and working in Spain, Asia had a developing interest in international employment. She decided to complete an International MBA, and, in the process, found her passion for pursuing a career in global mobility. Originally from California (USA), she has been based in Spain since 2014.

All of Asia’s professional experience has involved creating an exceptional customer experience. She believes that empathy and active listening are the keys to understanding client needs. She works to be more efficient every day by learning new skills to better support the team and, therefore, all Shield clients.

Outside of work, Asia enjoys traveling and exploring new cities in Spain and other countries in Europe. In true Spanish fashion, there’s nothing better than enjoying food and drinks with friends on a terrace!

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