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Bree Caggiati

Bree Caggiati
From Australia
Based in Canada

Bree is the Journalist at Shield GEO. She graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts (Writing and Italian). Her previous work has been published across national and international news and lifestyle publications.

After working remotely for over three years as a freelance writer, Bree has first hand experience when creating informative guides for our clients.

Bree has a knack for finding the story among the content. She creates engaging and digestible narratives with a natural flow to them. Her curious nature, investigative skills and genuine love of people help her to develop company stories, employee profiles and well-researched client assets.

Outside of work, Bree loves going for long walks with the intention to pat as many dogs as possible. She’s also a podcast host and editor, sustainable fashion advocate and ocean enthusiast. 


  • Bree Caggiati