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Duncan Macintosh

Duncan Macintosh
Co-Founder of Shield GEO
From Australia
Based in United Kingdom

Duncan is the Sales Director at Shield Geo. He graduated from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Economics  (Industrial Relations & Psychology) and a Master of Arts (Psychology). He has previously worked in GEO Services & Contractor Management in Australia and the United Kingdom

Duncan enjoys working with international corporations and their international assignees to assist them in navigating the challenges that globalisation brings. Being a Director at Contractor Taxation and having been an expatriate living in; United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Spain and Korea, he has first hand experience of the issues Shield GEO’s customers and international assignees face.

Driven by his belief that it is important to understand not only the clients immediate needs but their international expansion and growth plans as well, Duncan is able to provide a holistic approach to Global Employer Organisation Services.

Duncan enjoys watching and playing sport. Living around the world has given him many great opportunities to ski in Europe, play golf in Australia and petanque in Paris!

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