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Eileen Conroy

Eileen Conroy
Global Mobility Implementation Consultant
From Ireland
Based in Ireland

Eileen is a Global Mobility Implementation Consultant. She graduated from Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland with a BA Degree in Legal Studies. She has 8 years of combined experience in global mobility, project management, and HR. Eileen has worked in various corporate roles within the oil & gas industry in both Ireland and Australia.

Having lived in Australia as an expat for 8 years, Eileen understands the various challenges and difficulties her clients can face. Working in global mobility, Eileen discovered her joy for working with clients and employees that are positioned all over the world assisting them to resolve challenges that are unique to their businesses and local market.

Eileen believes in being extremely flexible for her clients. In the world of international employment, things are constantly changing and she believes we must be willing to adapt daily to meet the needs of every single client. Now more than ever, she hopes to work together to adapt and ensure all parties can achieve their goals.  
Outside of work, Eileen enjoys travel and the opportunity to experience new cultures. She enjoys watching Gaelic sports and is a keen golf fan.
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