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Givanny Madsen

Givanny Madsen
Head of Customer Success
From South Africa
Based in United Kingdom

Givanny is the Head of Customer Success at Shield GEO. She started her career by qualifying with distinction for her Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Business Management & Marketing. Her ambitious nature took her from South Africa to work in the United Kingdom, where she’s been based in since 2009.

Givanny’s determination for success led her into a business development role in the contractor management field. She found her niche in this industry and has truly excelled. Her strong business acumen and interpersonal skills, developed over the years, align perfectly with the culture, vision and mission of Shield GEO. At Shield, Givanny has taken on the role of Customer Success Manager. She focuses on solutions that address core issues concerning customer portfolio development, retention and expansion.

An advanced qualified scuba diver, Givanny has a passion for skiing, scuba diving, singing, drama and whiskey. She once performed in front of an audience of 1500 people!

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