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Givanny Madsen

Givanny Madsen
Head of Customer Success
From South Africa
Based in United Kingdom

Givanny is the Head of Customer Success at Shield GEO. She finished her senior year, one year early, and qualified with distinction for her Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Business Management & Marketing as top 1% globally and was accepted into the Golder Key Society. Her academic strengths combined with her desire for sales challenges took her from South Africa to the United Kingdom.

Initially stepping into a business development role for payroll solutions within the UK Contractor Management sector, she soon found success with global expansion and payroll in the international market. Her experience in international employment and payroll since 2011 has well-positioned her as the Head of Customer Success for Shield GEO. Since 2017 her career at Shield GEO has focussed on client services and sales as well as business and team management. After much success, Givanny saw her promotion to her current role in 2019.

Givanny is an advanced qualified scuba diver and also has a passion for skiing, scuba diving, singing, drama, and whiskey. She once performed in front of an audience of 1500 people!

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