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Gwenaelle Sakponou

Gwenaelle Sakponou
Finance Subject Matter Expert
From France
Based in United States

Gwen is a Finance Subject Matter Expert at Shield GEO. She graduated from La Sorbonne University in Paris with a Master of Law and she has over 10 years of experience in Global Mobility. She has previously worked in the Big4 as well as corporate roles within HR, Tax, Software Technology, and Global Mobility.

Having lived in several countries and being an expatriate herself, Gwen feels connected to the matter and has first-hand experience of the challenges and difficulties her clients may face. This has enhanced her ability to relate to them, ensuring that their needs are always understood and taken care of.

Gwen prioritises having clear and transparent communication with her clients. She values empathy, trying to put herself in her client’s shoes. Her interpersonal skills and strong work ethic have given many clients peace of mind.

Gwen likes travelling the world, discovering new places, new cultures and new ways to do things; she thinks that is the best way to learn. She also likes spending time in the kitchen, creating wonderful meals for her husband and two daughters

  • Gwenaelle Sakponou