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Jennifer Henne

Jennifer Henne
Global Mobility Subject Matter Expert
From United States
Based in United States

Jennifer Henne is the Global Mobility Subject Matter Expert (SME) at Shield Geo. She graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago with an MBA in Human Resource Management and International Business.  She has over 28 years of experience in International HR Management and Global Mobility. She has previously worked in corporate roles within IHR and Global Mobility.

Jennifer went to Germany on foreign study. After graduation, she started her career in Human Resources, but missed the international aspects of talent management. After gaining her MBA, she had an opportunity to go back to Germany and work for a European global company.  She worked in the Global HQ and enjoyed meeting and building great working relationships with her international assignees and their families. This nurtured her passion for immigration and tax. Having been an international expatriate herself, living and working in Germany and subsequently the UK, she has first-hand experience of the challenges and difficulties her clients may face. This has enhanced her ability to relate to them, ensuring that their needs are always understood and taken care of.

Jennifer prioritises having clear and transparent communication with her clients. Her excellent interpersonal skills, ability to “connect the dots” and strong work ethic has given many clients a peace of mind, allowing them a smoother transition when employing in a foreign country or supporting assignees relocating to a new country.

Jennifer’s love of solving complex issues and interacting with people transcends beyond her role as a global mobility subject-matter expert. She has 3 rescue animals and is a devoted soccer mom/team manager.

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