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Marcia Polimis

Marcia Polimis
Global Mobility Account Manager
From United Kingdom
Based in United Kingdom

Marcia is a Global Mobility Account Manager at Shield Geo with over 10-years of experience in global mobility. She has an extensive and rounded employment history having worked with a variety of companies in motor, banking, and pharmaceutical industries.

Marcia was working in account management and customer service when she took on a role in global mobility. For her, it opened up a whole new world of understanding international employment and the needs and wants of both clients and employees.  

She believes in actively trying to anticipate her clients’ needs by putting herself in their shoes. This enables her to give clear and concise support to every individual, always. Being on hand to help with what may seem like the smallest of issues, but are actually incredibly important in the world of relocation, has helped her to put minds at ease.

Outside of work, Marcia enjoys spending time with her daughter who keeps her on her toes! She also enjoys horse-riding and volunteering her services to assisted horse-riding for those with special needs.

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