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Maruthi Boddiga

Maruthi Boddiga
Finance Associate
From India
Based in India

Maruthi Boddiga is a Finance Associate at Shield GEO. He graduated from Bengaluru University with a Master’s Degree in Commerce. He has over 5 years of experience in Accounting and Compliances. He has previously worked in corporate roles within HR, Finance and Accounting teams.

Maruthi’s experience includes working with F&A domain, leading a legal statutory compliance team, and taking care of payouts to developers and engineers for a global company to develop games in VR, AR, and MR platforms. He also worked with a product based SaaS bootstrap start-up and assisted Toshiba digital healthcare products to sell through e-commerce platforms for their Indian distributor.

As a person, he takes pride in being organised, detail-oriented, a go-getter, and a team player with a forward-looking attitude. He has worked under strict deadlines in a fast-paced start-up in the past and maintains a reputation for delivering assignments on time.

Maruthi loves doing yoga and working for social causes like the Indian cleanliness movement called “Swachh Bharat Mission”. He also spends his free time working on his social initiative called “Udyoga Bharati” which networks and connects hiring managers with job seekers in Bengaluru

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