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Morgan Richburg

Morgan Richburg
Implementation Assistant
From United States
Based in United Kingdom

Morgan is an implementation assistant at Shield Geo. She graduated from University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of International Relations and is currently working on her Masters of Globalization, Business, and Development at the Institute for Development Studies. She has previously worked in cultural exchange through exchange programs and education.

Morgan enjoys being surrounded by those that are from varying backgrounds and perspectives. Have been an international expatriate in a number of countries herself, both working and studying, she has first-hand experience of the difficulties Shield GEO clients may face. This better equips her to relate, and ensure a smooth and comfortable process for them.

Morgan’s love for understanding the world around goes beyond her role with Shield GEO. She is an avid seeker of adventure and new ways to enrich her cultural understanding, this has led her to become a world traveller.

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