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Ndulamo Pholi

Ndulamo Pholi
Head of Finance
From Zimbabwe
Based in South Africa

Ndulamo is the Head of Finance at Shield Geo. He graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa with a Masters’ Degree in Development Finance and also holds a Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Accounting. He has over 7 years of experience in Corporate Finance and Support Services.  He has previously worked in a leading International Development Agency, World Vision International and is also a board member for Sustainable Agriculture Technology (a leading agriculture and ecological management services organization in Africa) serving as its Independent Financial Advisor.

Ndulamo relishes the opportunity to serve within a global environment, an inherent trait of global mobility services. Furthermore, serving at Shield GEO presented an opportunity for him to operate at the intersection of Finance Strategy, Leadership and Impact which aligns with his aspirations, thus he decided to get involved with global mobility. Those close to him have said that he has a big heart for people and it is in that context that he is delighted to lend a hand in making it possible for employees and employers alike to pursue their dreams in various markets.

Ndulamo provides strategic leadership to finance teams across three continents to improve business processes and finance and accounting operations, which makes it possible for Shield to serve its clients, partners, and other stakeholders with utmost effectiveness.

During his private time, Ndulamo enjoys watching cricket, rugby, soccer as well as travelling and spending time with his wife.

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