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Nikki Sohal

Nikki Sohal
Client Services Manager
From United Kingdom
Based in United Kingdom

Nikki is the Client Services Manager at Shield Geo. She graduated from Kingston University with a Bachelor of Arts Honors in Economics. She has over 8 years of experience in Global Mobility. She has previously worked in corporate roles within Global Mobility working with Social Media, Banking and Pharmaceutical companies .

With her strong personality and supportive nature, Nikki can deal with most situations and guide her clients to navigate through tough decision that sometimes arise in the industry. She has extensive experience and in depth knowledge about all areas of global mobility. Nikki has excellent interpersonal skills which allow her to understand her clients’ and employees’ problems thoroughly. She strives to give her best to all her clients and their employees, putting their needs at the forefront of business decisions. 

Nikki finds global mobility a fascinating industry to meet people from all walks of life. Outside work, she enjoys spending time with her two young daughters and family. An avid movie buff, she also has a passion for Crime and Horror books.

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