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Priyanka Virarkar

Priyanka Virarkar
Finance Associate
From India
Based in India

Priyanka is a Finance Associate at Shield GEO. She graduated from the University of Mumbai with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance. She has over 3 years of experience in different fields, but especially as an Assistant Accountant in Mumbai. She has previously worked in corporate roles within HR and administration. 

Priyanka is ambitious and thrives on a challenge as she views it as an opportunity to grow and achieve greatness. Previously she worked under the hands of CA (Chartered Accountant) and gained a wide range of experience and knowledge. She believes in implementing strategy-driven services and uses strong quantitative and qualitative approaches.  

Priyanka likes to make evening snacks for family and friends. She’s recently picked up cycling and likes how it keeps her fit and healthy. Her dream is to travel in the near future and experience different cultures outside of her own.

  • Priyanka Virarkar