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Stella Huang

Stella Huang
Head of HR, Talent and Culture
From Australia
Based in Australia

Stella is Head of HR, Talent and Culture at Shield Geo. She graduated from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) with a Bachelor of International Studies (International Business) and Bachelor of Commerce – Honours (Management).

Stella began working for Shield in a research capacity, writing articles of varied topics, from how to make your remote worker feel more included, to why Global Mobility teams should be integrated strategically in organisations. She has now transitioned into the Global Mobility Consultant role.

Stella believes that clear communication can prevent frustration and inefficient work. As a result, she strives to maintain open, honest and respectful communication with her clients, so that she is able to fully meet their expectations, and assist them with any query they may have. As a previous tutor at UNSW and the University of Sydney, Stella was able to gain knowledge and deliver content on cross-cultural management, which she has found to be of immeasurable value when communicating and helping clients from different cultures. 

When she is able to, Stella loves to travel. She enjoys exploring new places, getting to know people from different cultures and learning about those new cultures. This has influenced her interest in learning languages. If possible, she enjoys staying in a new place for extended periods of time as it means that she can fully immerse herself in the local culture.