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Sujah Abhilash

Sujah Abhilash
Product Marketing Manager
From Singapore
Based in Australia

Sujah is the Product Marketing Manager at Shield Geo. She graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Studies) and the UNSW Business School with a Masters in Professional Accounting. 

With the advent of globalisation, Sujah believes a role in global mobility provides an enriching learning experience in understanding the evolving socio-economic climates of different countries. She has gained an insight into the dynamics of the industry, and recognises that the continual blurring of geographical boundaries and advancement in technology will only further enhance global mobility.

Together with a team of writers, Sujah curates research intensive guides on global incorporation, immigration, employment law, payroll and tax regimes in over 90 countries to guide businesses towards making the best decisions for their companies. The clients’ needs and interests remain at the forefront of Shield Geo’s content creation process.

Outside of work, Sujah is a film documentary junkie. She has dabbled in film directing and script writing and thoroughly enjoys being able to memorialize people’s stories and experiences on film.

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