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Yee-Min Law

Yee-Min Law
From Malaysia
Based in Australia

Yee-Min is an Accountant at Shield Geo, working closely with the Finance Team. She graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Business (major in Accountancy). She is a member of CPA Australia. She has extensive experience with tax (mainly personal tax), global mobility, and payroll. She has worked in professional firms such as PWC, EY and BDO and multinational companies focusing on human resources and global mobility.

Yee-Min has spent most of her career working closely with expatriates, focusing on tax reporting, advisory and compliance. She has also been a part of several global mobility teams in multinational companies. She has vast experience assisting expatriates with remuneration/compensation packages, and payroll matters.

Working with professional accounting firms and MNCs has allowed Yee-Min to gain a deep understanding of global mobility. It has provided her first hand insight on how multinational companies relocate their employees to achieve company strategies and goals, while maximising return on investment. Working with expatriates has proven to be valuable, allowing her to thoroughly understand her clients’ needs and provide them with exceptional client service.

A proactive individual, Yee-Min continues to strive to deliver stellar client service in her role by understanding her clients’ problems and providing the best possible solution to help them. Yee-Min enjoys spending time with her family outside of work. She also likes to learn languages when she is free.