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Remote Workers Weigh In: How Do You Stay Fit When Working From Home?

In a bid to cover some remote worker FAQs, through our new series’ Remote Workers Weigh In’ we’ll be asking our team some of the most asked questions about what it’s really like to be a remote worker. You can read the previous article of this series on what remote workers wear while WFH here!

Heading to the gym before or after work is a reasonably typical routine for those commuting to large cities over the world. Getting to the office by a specific time can be an effective motivator to fit in an early sweat session and booking in evening classes can help set a distinctive end time to the workday. On top of this, many commuters find it easier to access gyms and classes nearby the office compared to their suburban homes and even those who don’t go to a gym find they incidentally add a lot more steps to their day simply by commuting. 

When switching from a regular commute to working from home, many of our daily routines change as well, including how we prioritize and access exercise. Without walking to the bus stop or from the parking lot to your office building, you may find you are naturally more sedentary while working from home. On top of this, it can be more challenging to motivate yourself without the natural structure a commute provides. 

On the flip side, you could find you have much more time in your day without the need to head into the office, which could make it easier to fit in your preferred method of movement. You might even find you save money by switching from swanky inner-city gyms and clubs to their suburban counterparts or opting for home workouts or jogging in your neighborhood. 

I recently asked the Shield team to share how they keep fit while working from home. 

I go for walks. I try to be all touristy and “get lost” to explore new areas on my walks, but I always end up in Angel in London no matter what new route I try to take.

— Sujay, Product Marketing Manager

This was one of my biggest fears about working from home. When I was going into WeWork, I did HIIT or group weights workouts every day at a really fantastic gym. There’s nothing like that near my house. I’ve kind of scraped along by doing pushup challenges. I bought some kettlebells that I use most weekdays. And I give Kiki a good walk every morning. But my level of exercise has gone down really dramatically. I can’t exercise as intensely without someone telling me what to do. And even with the dog walks I was getting more steps in from the commute plus walking 1:1’s. I’m looking forward to the summer when I can start swimming again

— Tim Burgess, Co-Founder and Director

We were supposed to exercise?!

— Anna Duncanson, Salesforce Development Manager 

I do yoga every day (Yoga With Adriene has a free monthly calendar that’s always great!), and then run/ strength work on top of that three times a week. It’s not all that different from before COVID, except I have less cardio options since I don’t go to the gym. I used to do the stairs machine + sauna 3-4 times a week, so that’s been replaced with runs for now 🙂

— Jake Sedlacek, Project Analyst 

I usually do some sort of HIIT home workout three days a week (I just search Youtube!) and yoga or a walk on the remaining weekdays. Since the warmer weather hit I’ve been doing longer hikes, walks or bike rides on the weekends too.

— Bree Caggiati (Me!), Journalist

I’ve been doing yoga 4-5 times a week, and the remaining days I’ll switch it up with a local hike or a weighted workout. I try to do most of my exercise activities outside so I can get some fresh air.

— Angela Moon, Content Marketing Manager 

I do a HITT session six days a week in the local park that my wife curates. 

— Duncan Macintosh, Co-Founder and Director 

At the early stage of the pandemic, I did *_Insanity _*which is just great to get you toned BUT that thing is so difficult to master XD

Then I started purchasing small and medium-sized dumbells to do lightweight training sessions trying to do two muscles per day, but of course, I got bored, and at the end, I would just go watch Netflix and chill (sorry not sorry)

— Kenia Pena, Global Mobility Associate 


As with everything, everyone’s approach is a little bit different depending on what they enjoy and what works in their schedules. If you’re struggling to find the motivation to work out from home, maybe try going to a nearby park like Duncan or finding a local hike like Angela. 

A small disclaimer: we are, of course, not health or fitness professionals, and this article is not meant to stand in for advice from your doctor. This is simply for you to get to know our team a little better and showcase the various possibilities of a WFH situation.   

— Bree Caggiati

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