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Hiring in a new country is COMPLICATED

Hiring and managing someone in a new country is no easy feat. We know you have tight deadlines to meet, a business that relies on you to run this process successfully and an employee in a far away foreign location.

On top of your day-to-day workload, your role now includes being across payroll, benefits, expense reimbursements and income tax, and making sure all of this is compliant with local laws. 

Your business and employee will have many questions for you and they’re counting on you to have it all under control. There’s so much to do!

So how do you learn all the answers, get things done and keep everyone happy while hiring internationally?


Get an EXPERT in your corner

Hiring in a new country doesn’t have to be hard! Instead of taking on the extra load yourself, let us take care of it for you.

We have a team of subject matter experts and in-country partners across the globe that make even the trickiest employment cases simple. It’ll be just like having HR in every country you’re hiring!


Get everything UNDER CONTROL

With Shield GEO, you won’t have to keep tabs on expense reimbursements, taxes, benefits, legal changes and payroll for your employees overseas. Our in-country partners and subject matter experts will do that for you. 

We know how important it is to pay your employees overseas on time. We’ll come to you and keep you informed of what’s going on so you know payroll runs smoothly every month. 

You can count on us to take care of all administrative matters of employing internationally.



You and your employee can focus solely on the work, while leaving the logistics of international employment with us. You’ll be able to stay on top of things and keep both your business and your employee happy! 

What is a GEO? 

A Global Employment Organization (GEO) provides an easy and cost-effective solution for a quick start into a foreign country. As the employer of record, the GEO becomes your international HR partner, taking the administrative burden of hiring and running payroll for your employee off your hands. 

As your local expert in all things related to employing in a foreign country, the GEO assumes the legal responsibility for your international employees, sponsoring them on work permits (if required), complying with local employment law and running their monthly payroll. This includes deducting all tax and social security contributions as required by local law. 

What We Do 

With Shield GEO, you’ll have all areas of international employment taken care of. Here’s what we can help you with: 

Payroll and Income Tax: We administer all aspects of in-country payroll on your behalf, including tax, expense reimbursements, benefits and social security deductions. 

Local Employment: In order to comply with local laws, employment contracts that cover statutory employee rights and employer obligations are required. We take care of the full journey from the initial contract signing and onboarding administration to termination of your employee. 

Work Permits and Immigration: We sponsor work visas (when required) as the Employer of Record if you’re sending an employee to a new country.

In essence, it’ll be just like having a HR partner in every country you’re hiring. You won’t have to source and keep tabs on multiple local providers in a foreign country.  Instead, we’ll come to you with everything you need and keep you up to date on all local regulations and laws.

You can breathe easy, knowing that all country-specific requirements are being handled by experts who know the ins and outs of employing in that country. 

Why Use a GEO?

Because Shield GEO takes responsibility for most administrative and legal functions, there are three main advantages for you:

  • Reduced cost for hiring in a new market

  • Increased speed of hiring and getting your employee started 

  • Avoiding the pitfalls and surprises of a foreign location

This frees up your time to focus on the business reason for hiring overseas, without the unnecessary stress. In addition to these benefits, Baker & McKenzie state, outsourcing employment and payroll through a third party such as a Global Employment Organization should reduce Permanent Establishment exposure as long as the employee doesn’t exercise “contract-concluding authority”.

Using a GEO vs Incorporating

With Shield GEO, you can hire your overseas employee quickly, compliantly and in a cost-efficient manner. You’ll be able to hire into new countries around the world within defined budgets and timeframes. You’ll have all the costs in advance, removing the risk of hidden surprises.

Your employee will be set up and ready to work in no time, bringing the time taken to have business operations ready in the country, down from months to weeks. 

If you do decide to set up a local entity, the process will be complicated. You’ll have to source local vendors that can provide all the services that a Global Employment Organization would offer. At minimum, you’ll need to source and manage:

– A company to establish your local entity and office space

– Local employment lawyers and accountants and immigration professionals

– Local partners in countries where co-ownership is required

– Local human resources, payroll partners and employment professionals

You will manage each of these vendors individually on an on-going basis, which is an overwhelming task for even the largest corporations. 

What Does it Cost?

If you decide to engage us, you will have one point of contact, a dedicated account manager, for all employment and payroll services, and one bill to pay each month with fixed costs. The actual GEO costs are two-fold and depend on the country you’re hiring in:

Shield GEO Management Fee, which is a flat-fee charged per employee per month.

Work Permit costs (if applicable) which are typically one-time upfront fees

These fees are charged monthly on top of the Total Cost of Employment (TCE) which is made up of your employee’s monthly salary, employers’ contributions, taxes, statutory benefits and other employer costs. We also process your employee’s expense reimbursements.

Next Steps

Want to know more? You can find a detailed breakdown of what happens next here. 

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