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1: Going Ahead

Our sales team will tailor a solution specific to your company and employees. Once you are happy with the terms, it is time to sign the contracts.


1. Framework Agreement

Your company and Shield GEO agree and sign the framework agreement. This will cover any engagement between our two companies across any location.

2. GEO Employee Questionnaire

We ask you to complete a short questionnaire for each person we’ll be employing. We then take the information provided to populate the draft letter of assignment and draft employment contract.


2: Onboarding

Our implementation team will finalize the contracts for each employee and get them registered for payroll.

3. Letter of Assignment (LOA)

The LOA is the commercial contract for this specific employee, it’s a simple document detailing all the costs and terms of employment. We use this as our guide when creating the employment contract.

4. Employment Contract

We’ll take the information provided in the questionnaire and LOA to draft the local employment contract. Once all parties agree, we will issue this for signature between the local company and the employee.

3: Meet the Team

Now that everything has been signed and registered, it's time to meet your dedicated account manager. They will take care of you and your employee throughout your journey with us. They will be you and your employee’s single point of contact moving forward. Our account managers are supported by subject matter experts in-country and our finance team.


4: Invoicing

You pay us in advance. This means at the beginning of each month, you'll receive an itemized invoice detailing each component of the employment cost. You need to pay this so we can pay your employee at the end of the month.

The invoicing cycle is quite tight. At the beginning of each month we’ll ask you for any inputs or changes. You have until the 3rd of the month to confirm those. You’ll receive our invoice by the 7th and payment is due by the 15th. The payroll date for the employee is between the 25th and the end of the month depending on the country.
What to Expect
Your invoice will detail every element of the payroll including base salary, allowances, bonus payments, expense reimbursements, insurance, tax and fees.
We prefer to process expenses along with the monthly payroll. This provides enough time to review each expense and make sure it is allowable under the host country regulations. You can provide approved expense reports and receipts by the 3rd of each month and we’ll reimburse the employee at the end of the month. In some countries we can also process expense reimbursements out of cycle for an additional fee.

5: Payroll

You won’t need to do any reporting in the host country related to the employee payroll. Our responsibility as the employer of record is to ensure your employee gets paid on time and that all statutory obligations are met.

Tax and Social Security Deductions
We make any and all necessary deductions from their salary. We submit all employer and employee tax and social security contributions as well as file related tax reports to the relevant authorities.
Each month your employee will receive both a local payslip and a Shield GEO payslip showing the calculations of their monthly pay. You get a copy too.
Expenses will be paid to the employee each month at the same time as they receive their net pay.

Ongoing Support

You and your employees can ask us anything. We'll always try to help.

Resolving Issues
If you, your team or the employee have any questions, the first thing to do is to reach out to your account manager. Your account manager is supported by our subject matter experts and in-country teams to help solve any problems.
Changes in Legislations
Occasionally there will be legislative or other changes which affect your employees. We will inform you in advance and work with you to minimise any impact.
If you decide to terminate one of your employees, please reach out to your account manager before taking any action. We will work together with you to terminate the employment with the least risk and cost, whilst remaining fully compliant with the employment regulations.


Your documents and employee’s data are safely stored with us.

You and your employee will be given access to separate Dropbox folders protected by passwords. This will contain all the monthly payslips so you can access them at any time. Additionally, your employee can access their contract, any official documents, and any personal information they have shared with us.
Tax Reports
As the employer of record, we will provide your employee with any documents or reports needed for their tax records. We also provide you with summary reports showing a breakdown of every payroll.
Employee Data
We take your employee's privacy seriously. We store and process your employee's personal information in full compliance with all relevant data protection regulations, including GDPR.