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What Overseas Employers Need to Know About Social Security Registration in France

When you assign employees abroad, one of the payroll requirements is making social security contributions, covering pension and insurance benefits.  To do this, both the employer and employee need to be registered inside the country, and we had a client who wanted to know what documents were required for employee social security registration in France.

How we solved the issue:

Because all of the documents are in French and the employees did not fully understand the process, our local partner in France got in touch with the social security agency directly.  They were able to get a list of everything required, which included:

  1. Passport
  2. Birth Certificate (translated into French and notarized)
  3. A signed employment contract
  4. DPAE (a French abbreviation for ‘pre-hiring declaration’)
  5. RIB: (a French abbreviation for details of the employee’s bank account for electronic transactions):

Note: For EU citizens, they can use their current account, but non-EU citizens have to open an account in France.

  1. Proof of Address (electric bill or apartment contract confirming their residence in France)
  2. In addition, the employee will need to go down to the CPAM office, which is the agency that administers health insurance in France.
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The Shield GEO Solution

This is one example of how Shield GEO and our in-country experts assist our clients with the numerous details that need to be handled for employing staff overseas.  This is especially important where the language or regulations may be unfamiliar, and difficult to manage from the home office.

There is no reason to rely on a DIY approach (which still requires hiring local help), when you can engage Shield GEO for a comprehensive international employment solution, including payroll, work permits and employee administration.

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