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Work Permit Requirements in Argentina: A Guide for Overseas Employers

A company sending expat employees on assignment will usually need to obtain work permits, and this holds true in Argentina.  Although Argentina does not have stringent permit requirements or quotas, there is a fairly involved and lengthy process to apply for work permits.

How will you be able to handle the multiple steps needed from your home office, especially if you don’t have a presence in Argentina?

You will need to begin this process well before the assignment begins, and if this is your first time employing in Argentina you will likely need some type of in-country resource to assist.  Most importantly, your company must have a local corporate entity to sponsor the work permit, either by setting up your own branch or using a GEO local employer of record.

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How and When to Apply for a Work Permit in Argentina

Applying for work permits is a multistep process, and here is a basic guide to give you an idea what you are facing.  The entire process can take as long as 3 months to approve.

  1. Company/sponsor registers with the National Immigrant Sponsors Registrar
  2. Document procurement and legalization: this is done by the employee and then submitted to the company (see below)
  3. Obtain entry permit for the employee (this is the initial work permission if the documents are approved)
  4. Apply for temporary residence visa (this gives the employee the full work permit for the duration of their assignment)
  5. Travel to Argentina (employee may enter with an interim permit while their documents and visa application are reviewed)
  6. Apply for work identification number

Employee Work Permit Requirements in Argentina


  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Police clearance/criminal background check
  • Copy of corporate registration and tax document
  • Copy of employment contract
  • Valid Passport

Note: All documents need to be translated into Spanish and legalized with an apostille before the entry permit can be issued.

Case Example: Criminal Background Checks in Argentina

One of the unique features of the Argentinian work permit is the need for a criminal background check both at home and in Argentina, as well as any other countries of residence the past three years.

We had a client that faced some complications with this requirement and asked our local partner in Argentina to step in and assist.

The issue was the employee had lived in two different countries previously the past three years, so a background check was required from both.  Those were easy enough to obtain, but they also had to be apostilled in either Argentina or an Argentinian consulate in the two countries.

We advised the client that the employee had two options:

  1. Wait while the documents were apostilled in the respective consulates, so the employee could enter Argentina with a valid entry permit.
  2. Enter Argentina on a tourist visa and have the documents apostilled in Argentina

One of the problems was that due to a delay and misunderstanding, one of the documents had reached the 90-day expiration, so the employee had to get a new background check done before they could move forward with either option.

How Long Does the Work Permit Process Take in Argentina?

As you can see from this example, there is always the possibility of a delay if something takes longer or the rules are not strictly followed.  Even if everything goes smoothly, completing all of the work permit steps in Argentina can take months, so pre-planning is essential.  Further, you are also dealing with agencies in other countries for background checks and other certificates, so there is always a chance of a delay or issue coming up.

The Shield GEO Solution

When you consider the importance of expediting work permits for your expat employees, it becomes obvious that having in-country experts is essential to avoid any problems.  The Shield GEO solution is available to any company sending employees on assignment, and with our local employer of record to sponsor visas, you don’t need to incorporate in the host country.

Without this kind of support are you prepared to go to the time and expense of local incorporation? Are you going to then try and manage the immigration and payroll process by yourself?

With us, you don’t have to take your valuable HR resources for administration of foreign employment.  We facilitate all immigration, payroll and employment requirements, to make sure that your international assignments are a success and stay on your timeline for local hiring and onboarding.  We make international employment simple.

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The information in this article is subject to changes in local legislation.

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