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About Shield Geo

Multinational companies expanding into new markets are often looking for new, reliable international employment solutions for quick staff deployment and setup.   When your company is growing, the traditional approach of setting up a fully incorporated entity to employ and sponsor your staff may be too time consuming and costly. So a more agile, efficient employment solution is needed.

In those instances the answer is Shield GEO, a Global Employment Organization that has the necessary expertise and experience in international employment solutions. Shield GEO can respond to your needs with a track record of offering worldwide employment and payroll strategies.  Shield GEO can give you a professional and solid global employment solution, using a background established over years of international payroll management.

What is Shield GEO? 

Shield GEO focuses its services on the corporate sector, in response to the demand for rapid expansion into new markets by international businesses.  Our vision is to provide our clients professional and compliant international employment solutions around the world.  With a network of local partners in 89 countries we are well positioned to support entry into almost any market.

The crux of our services at Shield GEO is the ability to assist clients in new markets where they do not have an incorporated entity.  Shield GEO operates as a strategic Global Mobility offering which can be plugged into an organisation to deliver compliant, cost effective results. This requires a unique staffing solution that can be met by the GEO as intermediary.   Corporate staff can be deployed quickly and at a reasonable cost, while the GEO handles all aspect of local employment and payroll requirements.

Shield GEO acts as the employer of record and can manage the complex administrative and legal processes that are unavoidable in a new country.  We manage the core administrative services necessary to operate an office and employ staff, while the client corporation handles the day-to-day employee and business tasks.

What We Provide For Customers: Global Employment Solutions for Growing Companies 

The ideal target market for the services of Shield GEO is small to medium size businesses expanding overseas.  Often these companies want to start on a small scale and within a defined budget.  Shield GEO gives them the means for a quick start at the outset, with locally sourced payroll and employment partners.

The core services that we offer to our customers are in three primary areas:

  1. Payroll and Income Tax: All aspects of in country payroll are administered on behalf of the client, including tax and social security deductions.
  1. Work Permits and Immigration: Shield GEO sponsors required work visas as the employer of record for client employees.
  1. Local Employment Compliance: In order to comply with local laws, employment contracts are required that cover statutory employee rights and employer obligations.

We combine our expertise in specific country rules and regulations with a solid background in managing global payrolls.  In essence, Shield GEO becomes the single point of contact for our clients as regards employing staff in the new locality.

Shield GEO provides a consulting service to our clients to ensure that a suitable solution can be provided fulfills the clients requirements whilst also working within the limitations of the local regulations. We facilitate every aspect of administering staff according to in-country requirements, relieving clients of the expense and time of establishing an office and formal entity.  The specific services of Shield GEO include:

  • Handling all communication
  • Comprehensive quotes for services
  • Providing GEO Roadmaps to outline what happens and when
  • Preparing contracts
  • Employer of Record
  • Onboarding the employees
  • Work permit processing
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll processing
  • Reporting
  • Handling the end of the assignment

As a result, clients have a safe, friendly and experienced ally as they enter the new market, and Shield GEO is available to offer ongoing consultation and problem solving as the client’s staffing and payroll needs evolve.

Background and Expertise of Shield GEO Management 

Because of our background in global payroll management, Shield GEO has a network of partners located in 89 countries. We combine this powerful international network with our years of experience managing international payroll.  Established in the industry, the Shield GEO founders understand the needs of businesses expanding into new markets, and are able to assist international clientele in deploying staff quickly and compliantly.

Duncan Macintosh, GEO Solutions Director of Shield GEO

Duncan Macintosh brings a career in business and finance to the international payroll and employment services.  Prior to founding Shield GEO, Duncan served as Director of Sales and Business Development for Contractor Taxation Ltd.  He also worked in a similar capacity of business development in London and at Lester Associates in Sydney, Australia.  He has worked as an expat in a wide range of countries including South Korea, Portugal, Switzerland, France and the UK.

Duncan holds a Master of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Economics, both awarded from the University of Sydney, and he is an Australian citizen based primarily in Europe.

Tim Burgess, Operations Director of Shield GEO

Tim Burgess is an accomplished sales and business development professional, driving the success of several companies where he was a founding partner.  Most recently, he served as Director of Contractor Taxation Ltd. contributing to that company’s rapid growth in the payroll industry, as well as Nemco Consulting in London, England.  He worked from 2009-2011 as a Sales Executive with Readify, a Microsoft NET software consulting firm, further solidifying his reputation as a sales and development executive.

Tim holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Sydney, and has dual Australian and British citizenship.

  • About Shield Geo

About Shield Geo

  • About Shield Geo

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