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Establishing a global entity can be time-consuming, confusing and a drain on resources. Shield GEO makes international employment simple. 

We’ll handle all the local requirements for payroll, tax and compliance, and leave you to do what you do best – manage your employees. 

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Hiring overseas can be risky and complicated, especially without an entity in place. Looking for a better way to employ someone in a new country? Shield GEO makes international employment simple.

Global Employment Solutions

ShieldGEO Global Employment Solutions can help you do business globally. We can help you:

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I’m very happy with your service and the process. We would have been totally lost without the help and assistance from Shield GEO.

Lorraine Logan – Gardner Denver

Making international employment simple

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  • A Day in the Life of a Remote Worker Chasing the Sun – Meet Sujah from ShieldGEO

    At ShieldGEO we think the person that can determine the best work schedule for someone is the individual themselves. Not some arbitrary tradition of when the workday should start and end. That’s why we embrace and encourage a flexible approach to structuring work days. This means our team can choose where they work and the […]

  • Sick Leave and Holiday Leave Entitlements in Australia

    Once you have hired employees in Australia, they will be entitled to sick leave and annual leave according to the Fair Work Act.  If this is your first time hiring in Australia, you might not know the statutory entitlements for your employees, and this guide will give you a summary of the basic rules. Sick […]

  • A Guide to Annual Leave and Sick Leave Around the World

    As you go through the multiple steps with hiring and managing your overseas employees, one area to pay close attention to is the different leave policies in each country.  This includes annual leave entitlements for holidays, medical leave and maternity leave. Leave amounts can be very important to your employees, especially if you are hiring […]

  • Tax Filing and Tax Residency Status in Singapore

    When you employee overseas in Singapore you’re subject to Singapore’s tax laws. Personal income tax rates for your employees will depend on the whether they are residents or non-residents.  If you are new to hiring in Singapore, some of the rules may be very different from your home country and it is best to be […]

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Remote Workplace

    By nature, remote companies aren’t limited by location which, of course, logistically grants access to talent all over the world. Often, this means teams have a higher chance to be made up of people with various backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences. Simply because they can hire people living all anywhere in the world. This location […]

  • Paid Time Off Entitlements in Spain

    Paid time off (PTO) is one of the more variable employee benefits in foreign countries, and the amount of PTO often depends on how much labor laws favor employees.  In Spain, employee benefits are treated seriously, and may be more generous than in your home country, so it is necessary to learn the rules before […]

  • Understanding Italian Taxation and Payslips

    For companies with employees abroad, payroll and taxation are a top priority to make sure that the correct rates are being applied for withholding.  This will hold true for both local residents and expats who are on assignment in Italy.  Any employee who remains in Italy longer than 183 days in a given year will […]

  • A Day in the Life of a Remote US Expat Living in Italy – Meet Moni from Shield GEO

    At ShieldGEO we offer all of our employees a flexible work policy that means they can structure their work routine in a way that serves them best.  Most people have other commitments outside of work that would be better managed by flexible start and finish times and we know that not everyone is productive in […]

  • Immigration and Work Permits in Japan

    Are you exploring the Japanese market for business opportunities and need to send experienced employees for sales, marketing or project development?  If you are new to Japan, you may need assistance with navigating the work and immigration procedures to avoid any problems with non-compliance.  This guide will give you the basics for longer business assignments […]

  • The Ultimate Guide to Global Employment Solutions

    What is a Global Employment Solution (GES)? A GES is a legal and compliant method to employ workers abroad, without having a branch office or entity in the foreign country.  A company expanding internationally can use the GES to employ one or more workers, run payroll, withhold taxes and contributions and ensure that all host […]


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