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Hiring overseas can be risky and complicated, especially without an entity in place. Looking for a better way to employ someone in a new country? Shield GEO makes international employment simple.

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  • Expense Reimbursement Process in Portugal – A Guide for Overseas Employers

    Hiring employees in Portugal will mean reimbursing expenses for business related travel.  Like many countries, Portugal has limits and specific processes for expense reimbursements to qualify as tax free. If you are new to the country, how will you learn the limits and expense reporting rules to make sure that your employees don’t incur tax […]

  • Termination in Australia – A Guide for Overseas Employers

    Employing staff abroad will require your company to follow the termination rules in the host country, and this is true in Australia where terminating employees can be more difficult than in other locations. In general, any termination requires that there be some reasonable cause, or for a business reason such as redundancy. No matter the […]

  • GST in Australia – A Guide for Overseas Employers

    Doing business in a foreign country will require the collection and payment of different business or corporate taxes. In Australia, this is called the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which is similar to VAT or a sales tax, but handled differently.  Although the end customer pays GST within the sales price, the business is responsible […]

  • Annual and Sick Leave in Israel – A Guide for Overseas Employers

    Leave entitlements for your overseas employees may be quite different from your home country.  For this reason, you will want to make sure that you are offering the mandatory minimum annual and sick leave amounts in your employment contracts, to avoid both non-compliance and employee dissatisfaction. There are guaranteed statutory leave entitlements in Israel, and […]

  • Mileage Reimbursement in Spain – A Guide for Overseas Employers

    Every country has different rules when it comes to reimbursing travel expenses, and if you are hiring employees in Spain it is important to learn how expenses are treated in that country. How will you know the allowable mileage reimbursements if you are new to Spain?  What are the tax implications for your employee if […]

  • Maternity Leave in Singapore – A Guide for Overseas Employers

    Hiring employees overseas will mean that your company will have to comply with employment laws in a foreign country, including benefits such as leave entitlements.  For female employees, maternity leave is often set by statute with minimum leave days, qualification employment period and how it is paid. Overview of Maternity Leave in Singapore If you […]

  • Should You Hire a Local Resident or Send an Employee to Singapore?

    If you are just entering the Singapore market or expanding your existing business, you will need to decide how to staff your operations.  You have two options: hire a local resident with the right skill set, or send an employee from home on assignment.  While assigning an expat may seem like the top choice, the […]

  • Should You Hire an Independent Contractor to Work for Your Company Overseas?

    If your company is expanding abroad or you are recruiting skilled talent in other countries, one of your options is to hire independent contractors rather than employees.  This can be an attractive alternative for many reasons, and is a viable way for a company to access the global marketplace. But there is a difference when […]

  • Pros and Cons of International Expansion

    As demand increases for products or services in international markets, or other business needs emerge, growing companies may at some point face the prospect of global expansion.  This is a natural evolution and offers significant opportunities if approached in the right way at the right time.  While going global can make sense, the decision should […]

  • Expense Reimbursement in Peru: A Guide for Overseas Employers

    When you hire employees overseas there are going to be different rules on how expenses can be paid and reimbursed, and many of those practices will be different from your home country.  In that case, how will your company and employees make sure that you are following the correct rules, and avoiding unnecessary taxes or […]


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