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Hiring overseas can be risky and complicated, especially without an entity in place. Looking for a better way to employ someone in a new country? Shield GEO makes international employment simple.

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  • Sick Leave and Annual Leave Entitlements in Indonesia: A Guide for Overseas Employers

    Hiring employees in Indonesia means that you will need to be familiar with Indonesia’s leave entitlements, which may be quite different from your home country.  As always, the country where you are employing either a local or expat will determine employment rights and benefits for your employees. Because of this fact, some of the questions […]

  • PTO and Sick Leave Entitlements in Malaysia: A Guide for Overseas Employers

    Employee benefits such as sick leave and PTO vary between countries, and is one of the areas to look into prior to hiring employees overseas.  Often, leave entitlements for overseas employees will be different to those in your home country.  Overseas employers often wonder how they can easily learn about and comply with leave entitlements […]

  • How to Pay Your Foreign Employee: A Guide for UK Employers

    The emerging trend of hiring employees overseas brings with it the complexity of international payroll.  You could find yourself interacting with two different payroll and tax regimes, both at home in the UK and in the host country, depending on the tax residency of the employee.  That is the main point to remember: tax and […]

  • 13th Month Pay: The Ultimate Guide for Employers

    Hiring employees overseas carries one core requirement for employers, which is compliance with the host country laws on compensation, labor rights and employment laws. While compensation may seem like the employer’s sole prerogative, some countries even mandate year end bonuses for all employees, commonly known as 13th month pay. If you have never encountered statutory […]

  • How do you Pay Remote Employees in Different Countries?

    You’re the founder of a small tech company, with remote employees based all over the world. You’ve decided to employ all your employees through a sole proprietorship arrangement. But is asking all your employees to start a company really the best solution? Your Options When Paying Remote Employees in Different Countries Paying Your Remote Employee […]

  • Income Tax and Taxable Benefits in Malaysia: A Guide for Overseas Employers

    When you hire an employee overseas, you will find yourself in the middle of a foreign tax system, with different rates and rules than you may be used to at home.  The bottom line is that you have to make the correct tax withholding and payments for your employees, on time and in the right […]

  • Tax and Social Security in Argentina: A Guide for Overseas Employers

    When you hire an employee overseas you will need to find a way to learn the specifics of the tax and social security system in the host country.  Because every country has different rules we have put together this guide for employers entering Argentina and hiring either local or expat employees. Income Tax in Argentina […]

  • What your remote workers aren’t telling you

    Even the most considerate employers will find it difficult to know what their employees are thinking and how they are feeling. This is only made more difficult when employees work remotely and is further exacerbated when they are based internationally. With the many acknowledged benefits of hiring remotely – including access to great talent, increased […]

  • Travel Allowance and Subsistence Rates in the UK: A Guide for Overseas Employers

    Your employees in the UK will surely have some travel expenses, and you will want to know the exact travel allowances and subsistence rates that are permitted.  How will you find out and apply the correct rates if you are new to employing in the UK? We can get you started with this guide for […]

  • Overtime Payroll in the UK: A Guide for Overseas Employers

    Hiring employees overseas means that you need to familiarize yourself with host country employment and payroll laws, because your home country rules will not apply in foreign countries.  This holds true for both expats and local resident employees. If you have employees in the UK, you may find this guide to overtime payroll helpful, so […]


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