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Establishing a global entity can be time-consuming, confusing and a drain on resources. Shield GEO makes international employment simple. 

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Hiring overseas can be risky and complicated, especially without an entity in place. Looking for a better way to employ someone in a new country? Shield GEO makes international employment simple.

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ShieldGEO Global Employment Solutions can help you do business globally. We can help you:

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I’m very happy with your service and the process. We would have been totally lost without the help and assistance from Shield GEO.

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Making international employment simple

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  • Maternity and Paternity Leave in France: A Guide for Overseas Employers

    When employees face the prospect of the birth of a child, naturally they will want to know how their employer will support them during this time.  While many companies will have generous internal policies for maternity and paternity leave, many countries also have statutory minimums that must be met regardless of company policies. The primary […]

  • A Day in the Life of Our Co-Founder WFH during COVID-19 – Meet Tim from ShieldGEO

    As you may be aware, each month, we’ve been profiling one of our ShieldGEO employees to showcase how they structure their workdays. Throughout this series, we’ve learned about the many ways our team at Shield utilise our flexible work policy to create a balance between work and life that works for them. Some find working […]

  • Best Tips for Working from Home during COVID-19

    As our world continues to face the unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 virus, with borders closing, entire countries in mandated lockdowns and of course the saddening loss of lives. It’s a scary time for literally everyone right now. If you’re not in a mandated lockdown, you’re still likely self-isolating at home and avoiding unnecessary outings. […]

  • The Responsibility of Building Connection in Remote Teams

    Podcast: Connection and Disconnection Beyond Work: Who’s Responsible for Connection in Remote Teams  We’ve teamed up with Virtual Not Distant to produce a podcast series looking at disconnection and connection within remote teams.  In the fourth episode of our collaboration series: Connection and Disconnection in Remote Teams, I take a look at where the responsibility […]

  • Maternity and Paternity Leave Entitlements in the Netherlands

    Employees that need time off after the birth of a child may be entitled to some amount of maternity or paternity leave by statute in the country of employment.  The question is how much leave must be offered and whether it is paid or unpaid leave.  Netherlands has a statutory minimum for maternity leave and […]

  • Employment Contracts in the Netherlands – Balanced Labor Market Act (BLMA)

    Companies that hire employees abroad will always need to have an employment contract that meets local guidelines, even if those rules are very different from the home country.  Contracts may either be open ended or may be for a fixed period of time such as one year. This is the case in the Netherlands, where […]

  • Severance Pay for Terminated Employees in Thailand

    Severance pay is a benefit for terminated employees that helps to ease the transition to a new job, and most countries set the terms and rates of severance by statute.  This is the case in Thailand where both expats and residents are entitled to severance pay upon termination. Termination can be the result of either […]

  • Offering Shares to Overseas Employees in France

    What is an employee share scheme? Offering an employee the opportunity to directly buy shares of the employer’s company is a frequently used incentive to engage the employee with company performance and earnings.  In turn, the employee is rewarded when share prices appreciate.  While this is relatively simple to offer inside the home country, it […]

  • What is a Global Employment Organization?

    A Global Employment Organization (GEO) is an international solution for hiring employees abroad, without having a branch or subsidiary in the foreign location.  The GEO structure utilizes ‘employers of record’ in each country of employment, who are already set up and ready to onboard and payroll a new employee.  This streamlines the hiring process and […]

  • The Wider Impact of Disconnection on Remote Workers

    Podcast: Connection and Disconnection Beyond Work: The Wider Impact of Disconnection We’ve teamed up with Virtual Not Distant to produce a podcast series looking at disconnection and connection within remote teams.  In the third episode of our collaboration series: Connection and Disconnection in Remote Teams, I take a look at how disconnection affects our wider […]


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