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Duncan Macintosh

GEO Solutions Director of Shield GEO

Duncan is the Sales Director at Shield Geo. He graduated from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Economics  (Industrial Relations & Psychology) and a Master of Arts (Psychology). He has previously worked in GEO Services & Contractor Management in Australia and the United Kingdom

Duncan enjoys working with international corporations and their international assignees to assist them in navigating the challenges that globalisation brings. Being a Director at Contractor Taxation and having been an expatriate living in; United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Spain and Korea, he has first hand experience of the issues Shield GEO’s customers and international assignees face.

Driven by his belief that it is important to understand not only the clients immediate needs but their international expansion and growth plans as well, Duncan is able to provide a holistic approach to Global Employer Organisation Services.

Duncan enjoys watching and playing sport. Living around the world has given him many great opportunities to ski in Europe, play golf in Australia and petanque in Paris!

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Tim Burgess

Co-Founder of Shield GEO

Tim is a founder at Shield Geo. He graduated from University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Science (Geography & Psychology). He has been helping with international assignees for over 20 years.

Tim’s first job out of university involved finding Australian computer programmers who wanted to work in the US and UK. He enjoyed the challenge and stimulation of juggling timezones, currencies and changing immigration regulations. Soon after he took up an assignment to the UK and experienced first hand how rewarding overseas work can be.

Within the complex world of global mobility, ensuring the highest level of customer service can be challenging. Tim strongly believes it is very important for customers to know that their issue has been understood. He also endeavours to establish clear regular communication on how and when the issue will be resolved. At Shield Geo, we refer to this as “solving problems with empathy and clarity”, you can read more about our customer service principles here.

Between a young family and a growing business, it often feels like there isn’t much time for anything else for Tim. He likes to keep fit, playing basketball, and loves to travel.

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Wee Yen

Finance Manager at Shield GEO 

Wee Yen is a Finance Manager at Shield Geo. She graduated from University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance). Wee Yen is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia. She has over 10 years experience in a large accounting firm providing financial accounting and reporting services to multinationals, Australian listed entities and non-for profits.

After 10 years with PwC, Wee Yen decided to take up the challenge to join Shield GEO in 2016 and has not looked back since. Global mobility is a niche area with a growing global footprint to provide payroll services to growing and established businesses around the world.

Wee Yen deals with the accounting and financial operations of the business. She maintains clear communication with our business partners and clients on financial issues while ensuring the internal processes are run seamlessly.

Outside work, Wee Yen enjoys spending time with her family.

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Svetlana Granovska

HR Consultant for Global Mobility Projects at Shield Geo 

Svetlana is a HR Consultant for Global Mobility Projects at Shield Geo. She graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda, Germany with a Master of International Management. She has previously worked in corporate roles within Global Mobility for one of the largest international accounting and professional services firms.

Svetlana’s first experience with Global Mobility was in 2012 when she was involved in end to end international assignment administration as an intern. Designing and improving processes related to international employment allowed her to gain an understanding on how the management processes of a globally mobile workforce can be streamlined in an efficient way.

A driven and proactive individual, Svetlana strives to ensure that all projects are delivered on-time and efficiently. These projects enable and equip our team with the necessary skills and tools needed to deliver high quality service to our customers.

As Svetlana’s gained most of her work experience overseas she is very passionate about international team work. She enjoys learning foreign languages and attending intercultural workshops as she believes that exceptional communication skills and adaptability are very important in both her private and professional life.

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Givanny Madsen

Customer Success Manager 

Givanny is the Customer Success Manager at Shield GEO. She started her career by qualifying with distinction for her Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Business Management & Marketing. Her ambitious nature took her from South Africa to work in the United Kingdom, where she’s been based in since 2009.

Givanny’s determination for success led her into a business development role in the contractor management field. She found her niche in this industry and has truly excelled. Her strong business acumen and interpersonal skills, developed over the years, align perfectly with the culture, vision and mission of Shield GEO. At Shield, Givanny has taken on the role of Customer Success Manager. She focuses on solutions that address core issues concerning customer portfolio development, retention and expansion.

An advanced qualified scuba diver, Givanny has a passion for skiing, scuba diving, singing, drama and whiskey. She once performed in front of an audience of 1500 people!

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Brenda Limon

Customer Success Manager 

Brenda is a Customer Success Manager at Shield Geo. She graduated from Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Mexico with a degree in International Business and holds an MBA with specialisation in Human Resources from the same institution. She has worked for companies in different industries but always in the Human Resources arena with an inherent international component. 

Having lived in Asia for over 8 years, Brenda is now an expat in the US. As global mobility is a continuous occurrence in her own personal life, her experiences allow her the opportunity to relate to and understand her clients on a more intimate level. 
Brenda abides by this Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would like them to treat you”. She believes clients respond better to and value honesty, clear and transparent information and a positive approach to things. 

Outside work, Brenda is a passionate runner who thinks exercise brings a natural balance to life. She has 4 kids (3 human and 1 dog) that teach her about unconditional love every day.

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