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Carlo Bagsik

Assistant Finance Manager at Shield GEO 

Carlo is the Assistant Finance Manager at Shield Geo. He graduated from University of Santo Tomas in Manila with a degree of Bachelor of Science, Major in Accountancy.  He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and is a member of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA). Carlo has over 10 years of experience with PwC as part of the firm’s external audit group and about 2 years of experience with a listed Philippine conglomerate under the group’s internal audit department.

After almost 12 years of experience in a corporate set-up, Carlo decided to join his wife in forming a small accounting firm that provides bookkeeping and accounting services mostly to Australian small to medium businesses. In 2016, he joined Shield Geo’s Finance Team. He believes that more businesses will find it necessary to increase workforce mobility around the world as they try to expand their global presence by leveraging on technological advancements in the workplace.

Carlo assists in carrying out the day to day accounting and financial operations of the business. He ensures that accounting and financial processes are carried-out in the most effective and efficient manner and maintains clear communication with the Finance Team, Account Managers, the Local Partners and Management in resolving financial-related issues.

Outside work, Carlo enjoys spending quality time with family through travels or just by simply dining out or watching movies with them.  He also likes watching and playing basketball, tennis, table tennis and chess.

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Daisy Daswani

Global Mobility Finance Consultant 

Daisy is a Global Mobility Finance Consultant at Shield Geo. She graduated from University of Warwick with a BSc (Hons) degree in Biochemistry but quickly shifted her interest towards International Assignment Management when she joined PwC in Tokyo. She has over 8 years of experience in Global Mobility and Tax including several corporate roles within HR, Tax, Relocation and Global Mobility, so has seen all sides of the Mobility spectrum.

Having lived in numerous countries including Italy, UK, Japan and Hong Kong, she has always been drawn towards Global Mobility and assisting assignees with the stress as well as the excitement that is incurred when moving across the globe. Her extensive expertise in all areas of Mobility has enhanced her ability to approach and solve complicated matters that commonly arise in this evolving industry. Daisy firmly believes that clear, timely and transparent communication with business partners and clients helps to achieve better results and resolve issues more efficiently. She goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless transition for expatriates, and truly believes in putting clients’ needs first.

Outside of work, Daisy enjoys spending time with her 2 sons and family. She also enjoys yoga and going for long evening jogs. Daisy strongly believes in giving back to society and helping others when possible, even if it’s only in a small way.

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Mara Bagsik

Accountant at Shield GEO 

Mara is an accountant at Shield GEO. She graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila with a degree in Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Accountancy. She has over 8 years experience in general accounting and 4 years experience as an offshore XERO book keeper for small and medium businesses.

Being part of the Finance Team at Shield GEO, Mara recognises the importance of timeliness and accuracy in her outputs.

Mara is an efficient and hard worker who constantly seeks to improve herself in order to produce quality work that is able to benefit her clients. She actively seeks out opportunities to learn new skills which allow her to play an important role in contributing to the company’s growth.

Outside of work, Mara enjoys spending quality time with her family by going to the movies and having dinner with them. 

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Yee-Min Law

Accountant at Shield GEO 

Yee-Min is an Accountant at Shield Geo, working closely with the Finance Team. She graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Business (major in Accountancy). She is a member of CPA Australia. She has extensive experience with tax (mainly personal tax), global mobility, and payroll. She has worked in professional firms such as PWC, EY and BDO and multinational companies focusing on human resources and global mobility.

Yee-Min has spent most of her career working closely with expatriates, focusing on tax reporting, advisory and compliance. She has also been a part of several global mobility teams in multinational companies. She has vast experience assisting expatriates with remuneration/compensation packages, and payroll matters.

Working with professional accounting firms and MNCs has allowed Yee-Min to gain a deep understanding of global mobility. It has provided her first hand insight on how multinational companies relocate their employees to achieve company strategies and goals, while maximising return on investment. Working with expatriates has proven to be valuable, allowing her to thoroughly understand her clients’ needs and provide them with exceptional client service.

A proactive individual, Yee-Min continues to strive to deliver stellar client service in her role by understanding her clients’ problems and providing the best possible solution to help them. Yee-Min enjoys spending time with her family outside of work. She also likes to learn languages when she is free. 

Jacky Lee

Operations Analyst at Shield GEO

Jacky is an operations analyst at Shield Geo. He graduated from University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours Class 1) & Bachelor of Economics (Distinction). He is also working on academic research in organizational behaviour and psychology at the University of New South Wales.

Jacky first established a keen interest in global mobility during his time at university, having majored in Management and International Business. Consequently, he wields a strong understanding of global mobility theory as a researcher, which he aspires to apply in the real world.

Jacky’s passion lies in the operational side of the business. He believes that organizational processes must be built to be efficient and forward-thinking to facilitate the company’s daily operations and long-term growth. He enjoys tackling difficult technical problems by seeing them as opportunities to learn. Jacky also strives to maintain effective communication with members across all departments, as his work involves him with many aspects of the business.

Jacky is a big fan of history, ancient and modern, and loves to travel to different countries for their culture. He also enjoys watching movies, skiing and picking up new languages.

Sujah Abhilash

Digital Marketing Manager 

Sujah is the Digital Marketing Manager at Shield Geo. She graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Studies) and the UNSW Business School with a Masters in Professional Accounting. 

With the advent of globalisation, Sujah believes a role in global mobility provides an enriching learning experience in understanding the evolving socio-economic climates of different countries. She has gained an insight into the dynamics of the industry, and recognises that the continual blurring of geographical boundaries and advancement in technology will only further enhance global mobility.

Together with a team of writers, Sujah curates research intensive guides on global incorporation, immigration, employment law, payroll and tax regimes in over 90 countries to guide businesses towards making the best decisions for their companies. The clients’ needs and interests remain at the forefront of Shield Geo’s content creation process.

Outside of work, Sujah is a film documentary junkie. She has dabbled in film directing and script writing and thoroughly enjoys being able to memorialize people’s stories and experiences on film.

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