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Can I get paid by a US employer while working remotely in a different country?

One of the global effects of the COVID pandemic is a rise in acceptance of remote work, and that has opened up opportunities for new or continuing employees to be hired abroad.  If a US employer wants to have you work remotely from your home country, there are ways to do that without too much complexity.

Whether you are a current US employee who needs to relocate home for personal reasons, or if a US company wants to hire you as a new employee in your home country, this article will explain the solutions and answer your questions about remote international employment.

How to get paid by a US company while living in a different country

The best way to get paid by a US company to another country is through an employer of record (EOR) solution.  The EOR is a legal entity in your own country that is able to fill the administrative role of employer, while the US company still manages your work and schedule.

How does an employer of record work?

The EOR will be engaged by your US employer to provide payroll and tax services for you in your home country.  The employer of record will apply all of the local employment and labor rules to ensure that you receive all of the benefits you are entitled to, as well as calculating the correct tax and social contributions.

You will sign an employment contract directly with the employer of record in the local language, including allowable terms under local labor laws.  A separate ‘letter of assignment’ will detail the nature of the relationship between you, the EOR and the US company.

The EOR will collect your personal information and tax ID number just as any employer would, and the US company will remit your total compensation each month to be processed in payroll.  You will receive a payslip from the EOR with all the compensation and withholding details, and your salary will be deposited in a local bank account.

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Will I have to pay US taxes?

Because you are working and living in your own country, you will not have US tax liability.  This is more obvious for an employee who has never worked in the US and does not have any connections or a tax ID number.  But employees who previously worked in the US and have relocated home will need to make sure their employer no longer includes them in the US payroll, as that will now be handled by the EOR in your home country.

Client Case: Relocating due to personal or immigration reasons

An Indian employee who was working in the US for a US company contacted Shield GEO and told us that they would need to return home to India due to COVID and some immigration issues.  They wanted to know if there was a way for their company to hire and pay them in India, while still being compliant in both countries.

We explained to them the EOR solution and how it would work in their situation, and that our services could facilitate employment in India.  The employee then involved their US company’s HR department to work with us to handle the transfer of employment to India.

Shield GEO Solution

Changes in immigration policies and the pandemic have created challenges for workers abroad who have the right skills to work for a US company.  Shield GEO offers a solution to employees who have to return home, or for new hires who cant work in the US.  Remote work is quickly becoming a fact of professional life, and the EOR solution is the simplest way for you to be employed in your home country by a US company. We make international employment simple.

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The information in this article is subject to changes in local legislation.

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