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Client Profile: Meet Dolores from Vistatec 

As an employer of record service helping organizations to employ internationally, our clients aren’t industry-specific. This means we have had the opportunity to work with and build relationships with companies spanning many different industries, countries, and areas of expertise but who each share our common values. To help you get to know our clients a little better, we’re excited to launch a new profile series. We’ll speak to someone new in each article and share their story.

To launch our series, we spoke with Dolores Dowling, a Senior Talent Acquisition and Onboarding Specialist at Vistatec. Dolores is based in Ireland where, during pre-covid times, she worked a combination of at home and in the office. 

“I am based about an hour outside Dublin, actually in my hometown,” she says. “I ended up back here! So, I probably have the best of both worlds in a pre-covid world where I’m a commutable distance from the office.” 

Meet Dolores 

Dolores has been with Vistatec for 16 years. She got her first job with the company after college and has stayed through many role changes and promotions over the years. 

“I graduated [from college] a couple of months before I joined [Vistatec and the HR team],” Dolores says.

“I came across Vistatec and, to be honest, it was an industry that I wasn’t that familiar with at the time, but it was a growing company within an interesting industry and it just felt like a really good opportunity for me.”

She first joined the team as an HR administrator but quickly saw her role evolve and grow.

“I started managing payroll and then elements of benefits, training, and so on, and within a few years I had gained quite a vast amount of experience throughout the whole HR function,” she says.

“Vistatec were happy not to micromanage me, but really try to mentor me, and they gave me space and capacity to grow into my role and start to take ownership of different areas. That’s really why I’ve stayed so long.”

She says this investment in employees is something the company does really well across the whole team and is often cited as its selling point.

“I think for a lot of staff, whether they are new or have been with us a little longer, the things they like about Vistatec are the people, the environment and the company culture,” Dolores says.

“Even as we’ve grown we’ve managed to retain that feeling that everyone actually does care about each other and obviously, yes, we want to serve the client’s needs, but we also want to make sure that the staff are happy and engaged.”

Company Culture 

This focus on people is really evident in Vistatec’s flexible work policy.

“We have a large team outside of a normal office environment, and most people will have a certain percentage of time not in the office,” Dolores says.

Being flexible around location really helps the team to develop a healthy work-life balance and juggle the many different priorities people may have. 

“To have any sort of work-life balance I think it’s really important to have that flexibility there,” Dolores says. “If you have a late line call or an early vendor meeting call, it’s good that you can perhaps do that without getting home at 9 pm.”

Of course, this year has seen their entire team shift to working from home amidst social distancing mandates. But Dolores says their previous remote work policy made the transition fairly smooth.

“We’ve worked very hard on building virtual teams and virtual environments and tried to have a social environment too,” Dolores says. 

“This year, every company is going to have an element of reluctant remote workers. Where it wasn’t necessarily something that they had planned to do or wanted to do. But I think regardless of whether someone enjoys working from home, or they find it difficult, they still need support.”

For Vistatec, this support covers three main areas — technical support, management training, and social connection. 

“Gone are the days where you can glance around at your team at the office and see if everyone looks ok,” Dolores says. 

“We’ve tried to make sure that we’ve embraced and celebrated different cultural event days for different countries. We encourage staff interests so — virtual book clubs, virtual quizzes, virtual coffee breaks, virtual lunch and learns. We’ve done some online yoga classes for example.”

Dolores says what’s made them so successful is being intentional around building a supportive remote work policy. 

“It is something that you have to work at, it doesn’t just happen,” she says. “You have to work at creating that remote and virtual environment for teams, and it’s something that you have to KEEP working at.”

The Future of HR 

In order to keep growing and evolving, Dolores firmly believes in continuously educating herself on new and emerging practices. 

“I’m probably quite a curious person by nature,” she says. “I definitely like attending webinars and online research. I like hearing about what’s next, what people’s viewpoints are, what’s going to happen in the industry, what’s going on right now, and not just within HR either.” 

In fact, having such a diverse global team means Dolores spends a fair amount of time learning about various industries and global news in order to support her team well.  

“For example, I obviously don’t understand the technical intricacies of Machine Translation,” she admits, “but [to support our team] it’s important for us to keep abreast of that and know what’s going on. I genuinely don’t think if you work in HR now, you can sit back and wait for things to come to you, you need to get out there and be involved in discussions.”

Listening to teams and understanding what they are trying to achieve and what their day-to-day actually looks like all helps with refining the recruitment process. 

“Even though I don’t work in a production team, it’s important that I understand what type of project manager they really need,” Dolores says. “[It helps with] what type of experience, the backgrounds, skills I should be looking for.”

While HR is clearly a supportive function, it is essential for the growth of all businesses as well. 

“The HR function is really key to how our business is going to shape the future, how we’re going to access and retain talent,” Dolores says. “We need to make sure that people are going to want to come to work with us and stay with us.”

One of the things Dolores sees becoming more and more fundamental in the coming years is HR-based technology. 

“I think the HR function really needs to move along with technology, processes need to be streamlined, and access of information needs to be really easy for staff,” she says. 

“We’ve invested a lot in HR technology, and that’s certainly made going from 50% remote to 100% remote very easy.”

She also sees the nature of the HR role evolving.

“It’s being seen as a more vital role than perhaps it was 15 years ago or 20 years ago,” she says.

“It’s become such a vital part of a company, and I love it. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else, to be honest.”

Get to Know Vistatec

Vistatec has been supporting some of the world’s most iconic brands to optimize their global commercial potential since 1997. Vistatec is one of the world’s leading global content solutions providers headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Vistatec works with an international team that spans 150+ languages, 10k highly skilled in-country language resources, with a core team operating from over 25 countries worldwide, who serve clients across multiple industries. 

We’ve worked with Vistatec for two years, providing EOR services for a number of their employees. We love their values as a company and their big focus on creating a caring and supportive environment for their employees. 

To find out more about Vistatec please visit their website.

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