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Employment in Iraq

Shield GEO is not operating in Iraq at this time. However, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you with your employment needs or connect you with a trusted partner.


Key points on employment in Iraq

There are several key areas to be aware of within Iraq’s employment regulatory framework, especially for companies that plan to initiate a full local office and human resources department. Iraq’s labour law is known for not being updated regularly and furthermore, difficult to access, particularly as it is almost entirely provided in Arabic. These challenges can be mitigated by use of a locally sourced payroll provider who is familiar with all of the local laws and rules for both local employees as well as foreign nationals.

  1. Contracts

    Employment contracts in Iraq, under Article 10 of Law No. 71/1987, requires that employer/employee relationships, contracts, register and instruments of work should be provided in Arabic, although Kurdish is also acceptable for labour contracts entered into in the Kurdistan area. Contracts must be in writing, and specify wage amounts and the type of work to be carried out. Salaries and wages must be paid in IQD. Contracts for employment may specify either fixed or indefinite terms, depending of the type of work.

Employee Entitlements

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Medical Leave ?

Employees are entitled to a maximum of 30 days of paid sick leave each year. After these 30 days are used up, the employee is entitled to another 180 days sick leave, paid by the insurance provider rather than the employer. Sick leave is conditional on valid documentation by medical evidence provided by a doctor.

Employment Termination

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Termination of Employment ?

The process through which employment contracts may be terminated in Iraq is complex. There are several authorised grounds of terminations stipulated in the Labour Law, including:

  • A mutual written agreement
  • The contract term expiration
  • Of the employee’s own will
  • Where the employee is incapacitated for more than 6 months, due to illness
  • Where the employee is incapacitated to excess of 75% of their ability
  • Decline in the company’s business, provided that the Labour Minister is informed

It is possible to also terminate an employment contract if in accordance with the Civil Code.

In the case of a dispute between employer and employee, the parties must inform the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs and the President of the General Federation of Employee Unions, then begin to seek conciliation with the assistance of both to reach a mutually acceptable solution. If this fails, employees and employers may submit their dispute to the Labour Cases Tribunal, which makes a decision within 15 days that is final.

Outsourcing Employment Through a GEO Employer of Record Service

Compliance with local employment requirements is just one of the issues foreign companies face when employing staff in Iraq. For companies which intend to employ their staff directly through their incorporated Iraqi entity, professional legal advice is recommended. Shield GEO provides an alternative path for companies to outsource the employment of their staff in Iraq.

As a Global Employer Organization (GEO), Shield GEO acts as the Employer of Record and ensures the employment is compliant with host country regulations regarding employment. In addition Shield GEO will handle payroll processing, tax and immigration. Using Shield GEO is the fastest and most cost effective way to deploy local and foreign workers into Iraq.

The Shield GEO solution is an attractive alternative where

– the company is looking to employ staff quickly

– the company doesn’t have an appropriately incorporated entity in Iraq

– the company wants to work within a defined budget

– the company wants to limit its initial commitment in Iraq

– the company needs help with tax, employment, immigration and payroll compliance in Iraq

Shield GEO can contract directly with the company to employ and payroll their staff in Iraq. Shield GEO supplies local employment contracts for the staff which ensure that local statutory requirements are met covering issues such as termination, probation periods, leave entitlements and statutory benefits. Shield GEO is able to advise companies how to cover local employment regulations whilst still providing consistent global employment policies. Understand more about outsourced employment through Shield GEO.