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Anna Duncanson

Anna Duncanson
Salesforce Development Manager
From Australia
Based in Canada

Anna is the Salesforce Development Manager at Shield Geo. She graduated from Griffith University with Bachelor’s degrees in Commerce and Sociology, and has over 6 years’ experience in technology leadership.  She has previously worked in leadership roles across Australia, the UK and Canada in a range of industries including SaaS, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing and Professional Services. 

Anna is passionate about workplace diversity and inclusion, and how global mobility breaks down barriers to making companies successful in these realms. In a world dependent on innovation and technology to disrupt industries and entrenched processes, Anna believes strongly in the power of idea sharing and collaboration across different cultures and backgrounds.

Anna has a thirst for data-driven and human-centric technology design that puts the end-user at the heart of decisions. She loves to coach and support teams to be at their best, and champions deep listening and empathy when engaging with teams and stakeholders.

Outside of work, Anna can usually be found doing 1 of 3 things: hiking with her blue heeler Bandit, sleuthing through Vancouver’s record stores, or curled up with a book and a cup of tea.

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