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Rhonda Ward

Rhonda Ward
Global Mobility Associate
From United States
Based in United States

Rhonda is a Global Mobility Associate at Shield GEO. She graduated from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota with a Masters of Human Resource Management. She has previously worked in higher education and corporate healthcare management.

Rhonda has an interest in learning about and becoming a part of the global market, and enjoys being granted an opportunity to work with clients and employees that are positioned all over the world, each facing and taking on challenges that are unique to their businesses and local market. She is a people person who excels at problem solving and can provide excellent service regardless of the situations or difficulties she and her clients encounter.

She works hard to develop a strong working relationship that is based on mutual respect and trust. She communicates and works in tandem with clients to gain a clear understanding of their working style and business objectives to enable her to establish the most successful approach to managing their accounts. Her clients are able to move forward with their pursuits with confidence that they have a strong ally that will ensure that their needs are met.

Rhonda loves music, and enjoys listening to as well as creating music in her time away from work.