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Sujay Abhilash

Sujay Abhilash
Product Marketing Manager
From Singapore
Based in Australia

Sujay is the Product Marketing Manager at Shield Geo. He graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Studies) and the UNSW Business School with a Masters in Professional Accounting. 

Sujay is passionate about creating a team whose creativity and innovation thrives on diversity of thought and experiences. He approaches marketing with the same lens, writing and creating for individuals as opposed to for businesses. He leads the marketing team at Shield GEO in producing content that is simple, useful and informative to people.

Sujay is always looking to explore different ways to tell human stories that resonate with and are relatable to people. As Product Marketing Manager, he acts as the voice of the client and works closely with our teams to improve our service. 

Outside of work, Sujay enjoys travelling and watching movies. He has dabbled in film directing and script writing and thoroughly enjoys being able to memorialize people’s stories and experiences on film. 

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