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Tim Burgess

Tim Burgess
Co-Founder of Shield GEO
From Australia
Based in Australia

Tim is a founder at Shield Geo. He graduated from University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Science (Geography & Psychology). He has been helping with international assignees for over 20 years.

Tim’s first job out of university involved finding Australian computer programmers who wanted to work in the US and UK. He enjoyed the challenge and stimulation of juggling timezones, currencies and changing immigration regulations. Soon after he took up an assignment to the UK and experienced first hand how rewarding overseas work can be.

Within the complex world of global mobility, ensuring the highest level of customer service can be challenging. Tim strongly believes it is very important for customers to know that their issue has been understood. He also endeavours to establish clear regular communication on how and when the issue will be resolved. At Shield Geo, we refer to this as “solving problems with empathy and clarity”, you can read more about our customer service principles here.

Between a young family and a growing business, it often feels like there isn’t much time for anything else for Tim. He likes to keep fit, playing basketball, and loves to travel.