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Shield GEO x Transformify

We’re happy to share that we’ve teamed up with Transformify to offer their clients a 10% discount on all Shield GEO services for up to 12 months!

About Transformify

Transformify is a CSR Recruitment Platform that helps connect business with the most qualified workers. The recruitment software implements an intelligent learning algorithm that searches and matches companies or employers with the most qualified and desirable candidates based on their skills, certifications, location, and salary expectations among other things.

With Transformify, the employers can get the best independent contractors, freelancing professionals as well as regular employees to fill vacancies in their organization, whether working remotely, telecommuting or in office. The recruitment software also comes with a billing and self-billing capabilities that allow businesses to transfer secure payments worldwide.  

About Shield GEO

We are a Global Employment Organization with years of expertise to help you manage and employ your international employees. The crux of our services is the ability to assist clients in new markets where they do not have a legal entity. Corporate staff can be hired quickly and at a reasonable cost, while we handle all aspect of local employment and payroll requirements. Our team works personally with each client to understand their individual situations and identify solutions that address their specific problems.

Some of our services include:

• Assistance with meeting host country’s requirements for the employment contract
• Employing local and foreign employees
• Immigration services such as obtaining visas and work permits
• Full compliance with local payroll, immigration and employment laws
• Monthly payroll and employment administration


 Need more information about employing in a new country? Learn more about:

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